Bio-Diesel form MicroAlgae

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This Presentation deals with the Production of Bio-Diesel from Micro-Algae.Given by my Friend Rajesh(Raj gopal) and Me.


<ul><li> 1. Production of biodiesel fromalgae</li></ul> <p> 2. DefinitionGenerally bio diesels- a type of bio fuelswhich are renewable diesel fuel derived fromvarious organic feedstocks including vegetableoils and animal fatBio diesel production from algae and microbesrefers to the second generation bio fuels 3. Micro algaeThese are smallmicroscopic aquaticphotosyntheticplants that requirethe aid of amicroscope to beseen. 4. Evolution of micro algae The first large-scale culture of microalgaestarted in the early 1960s in Japan byNihon Chlorella with the culture ofChlorella . The interest in using microalgae forrenewable energy increased in 1970sduring the first oil crisis . 5. Cultivation of algaeMicroalgae are adapted to scavenge theirenvironments for resources, to storage them, orincrease their efficiency in resource utilization. In general for biomass growth (consisting of 4050% carbon) microalgae depend on a sufficientsupply of a carbon source and light to carry outphotosynthesis.Microalgae may assume many types of metabolisms(e.g. autotrophic, heterotrophic, mixotrophic,photoheterotrophic)They are capable of a metabolic shift as a responseto changes in the environmental conditions. 6. Processing of algaeDewateringThickningFilteringDrying 7. Factors - cultivationTemperature:Microalgae can easily tolerate temperatures up to15 C lower than their optimal, but exceeding the optimumtemperature by only 24 C may result in the total cultureloss. Salinity:Every alga has a different optimum salinity rangethat can increase during hot weather conditions due tohigh evaporation.Mixing :It homogenizes the cells distribution,heat,metabolites, and facilitates transfer of gases. 8. ExtractionThe reaction involved in the extractionof oil from algae is pyrolysis. 9. Bio diesel production 10. Advantages Aids in reducing the co2 levels.Wastewater treatment by removal of ammonium ,phosphate and nitrate ions making algae to growusing these water contaminants as nutrients.Although the vegetable seeds and micro algaeposses same lipid content but the biomassproductivity is high for algae.</p>