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Bhopal gas tragedy

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Text of Bhopal gas tragedy

  1. 1. BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY -An unforgettable incident
  2. 2. Introduction The Affected Area Causes Consequences Rehabilitation Plans Reports and photos Conclusion
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Even after 66 years of independence and development in India, there exists heart throbbing instances from the past, which will never be forgotten, and whenever remembered creates the same devastating picture in front of our eyes. The Bhopal Gas Tragedy is one of the horrible incidents ever happened in India. In the midnight, when people were deep asleep and enjoying sweet dreams, there was leakage of Methyl Iso Cyanate Gas from Union Carbide Indian Limited pesticide plant, which not only took the lives of thousands of people but also made many others homeless and many children orphans.
  4. 4. Location of the disaster - Union Carbide Limited , Bhopal Date of the disaster - 3/12/1984 Time - 1:00 Am Name of the gas leaked - Methyl Iso Cyanate (MIC) Number of people affected - 5,21,262 people ( 62.58%) Number of deaths - 20,000 Bhopal Gas Tragedy
  5. 5. THE AFFECTED AREA Parts of Bhopal affected badly in the incident
  6. 6. Poor maintenance of the plant Large amount of water entered the tank while cleaning the pipes. Increase in the temperature inside the tank. The alarm system not addressing the inhabitants. Location close to a densely populated area.
  7. 7. Diagram:
  8. 8. Consequence of The Bhopal DisasterDEVASTATION AND DESTRUCTION Contd.
  9. 9. Pollution
  10. 10. Effects on HealthEye pain may lead to blindness or cataracts Abdominal Pain Chemical burn on skins Increase of infant mortality Lots of abnormalities in children Causes vomiting and breathing problems Causes pain in Lungs
  11. 11. Rehabilitation Plans Settlement:2486 houses were constructed and distributed to relatives of gas victims died of MIC exposure. Widow Pension: Widow pension was provided to 1077 widows of the gas related deaths @ Rs.200/- p.m Contd.
  12. 12. Education -1)11 Schools were constructed 2)6 schools were repaired and upgraded Free Supply of Milk-Supplied to 1)expectant and nursing mothers 2)children up to the age of 6 years Orphans- 27 Orphans were maintained (since 1984 to 2000)
  13. 13. REPORTS
  14. 14. Victims of Tragedy Victims of Tragedy
  15. 15. Fight for Justice Fight for Justice still continues
  16. 16. Lessons are needed to be learnt from this Tragedy. No safety Know Pain ,Know Safety No pain Union Carbide plant Suffered due to lack of preventive measures. Alert today, Alive tomorrow Minimize the dependency on Chemical for daily needs. Every decision has its consequence Government should ensure that companies should not play with lives of people by implementing suitable laws..