Why are friendship bracelets popular?

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<ul><li><p>Why are friendship bracelets popular? </p><p>When Americans started this culture of gifting bracelets to friends as </p><p>a gesture of their feelings and fondness, little did they know that the </p><p>whole world would slowly adopt this means of expression of </p><p>feelings! The history of tying friendship band can be dated back to </p><p>almost thousand years. </p><p>The paracord bracelets were used during the Second World War and became very popular by the </p><p>1970s. These paracord bracelets were also called as the survival bracelets or the military bracelets. Though fashionable, it had a dual purpose, as these chords or the strings were versatile </p><p>and durable that they could be unraveled, to function as a rope in times of need. To serve the </p><p>purpose of a rope or as an emergency guiding rope, tourniquet to control bleeding, and these </p><p>bracelets were multifunctional and convertible to essentials and times of need and for rescue </p><p>operations. Even today paracord bracelets are a symbol of strong friendship and given indicating </p><p>that he/she will stand by you in tough times. </p><p>More information can be found here. </p><p>Today friendship bracelets are found in almost every store, and are </p><p>worn by people of all ages and both the genders. Schools have also </p><p>added making friendship band into their craft work curriculum. </p><p>Young girls love to make bracelets by themselves and gift to their </p><p>friends making this band adding that very special personal touch. </p><p>There are bracelets that are thin and made of just two strings and </p><p>thee are thicker versions too. You can make smart bracelets mixing </p><p>and matching strings of different colors. The hemp bracelets with </p><p>beads are the youth favorite. Many also chose to add metals chains or have their name embossed </p><p>plate with strings attached on either end to make the bracelet more customized. </p><p>If you wish to make a friendship bracelet for your friend, it is not so difficult. Today there are </p><p>many websites that have explained in steps and detail making it easy to learn how to make a </p><p>friendship bracelet in different styles and patterns. Some of the most popular styles are braided </p><p>pattern bracelet, beaded bracelet, Hemp bracelets, ad the paracord bracelets. Each has their own </p><p>look, appeal and meaning too. The red bracelet is usually gifted as a symbol of love. Yellow is </p><p>gifted at a beginning of friendship and orange indicates being close and getting closer. White is </p><p>the and that is given for pure friendship. </p><p>Many people wear these bracelets as a style statement. Mixing and matching them with dresses, </p><p>both men and women wear bracelets to complete their style quotient, and carry that totally trendy </p><p>and peppy look. </p></li></ul>