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  • 1.RAB NE BANAA DI JODI: Identify which famous pair the following signifies..

    HINT: An Indian connect. (+1 for identification of one, +3 for identifying both(or the connect)

  • The Ross Island Prison Headquarters, 1872, in ANDAMAN

    The NICOBAR Pigeon is the bird

    The connection is ANDAMAN and NICOBAR

  • 2. Name the person on the left. (1 mark)Name the band on the right (1 mark)

    1 marks for explaining what the person on the left is doing, hence the connect

  • The person is Colin Powell, holding (supposedly) anthrax sample in UNSC.(Some people even called that a chalk powder instead of anthrax in disguise.)

    The band is ANTHRAX, which happens to be the connect

  • 3. 3 points for the connect, albeit with right explanation

  • The connect is CRICINFO.

    The person is Dr. Simon King, a British researcher at theUniversity of Minnesota who launched it in 1993

    On 11 June 2007,ESPNannounced that it had bought Cricinfo fromWISDENgroup

  • 4. The Jew on the left is the only survivor in the group.Relate the person to a group, which lost out to something on the right.

    1 point for the person on the left/his group. 0.5 points for the rightmost pic. And 1.5 for the explanation.

  • The person is Jack Klugman, the last survivor of 12 Angry Men

    They lost out the Oscars to BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI in all three categories of nomination.

  • 5.Connect the three persons below with the person on the left

    0.5 points for the person on the left.

    2.5 points for the connect with right explanation

  • The person on the left is Mark Twain

    All three viz. Elijah Wood, Brad Renfro and Ron Howard have played the role of

    HUCKLEBERRY FINN in series/movies

  • 6.Connect the thing on the left, to the picture on the right and the agency whose logo is given below 3 marks for the connect.

  • The connect is Sindoor.

    The stone is cinnabar, of which vermilion or Sindoor is a purified, powdered form

    The movie is Sindoor.

    In early 2008, allegations of high lead content led the U.S.Food and Drug Administrationto recall batches of Sindoor from several manufacturers.

  • 7.Connect the three pictures

    3 points for the connect.( 1 per identification) No points for only identifying without connect.

  • LINGAYATS/ LINGAYAT SECT is the connect

    The left-top picture of Basava, He was the first prophet and founder of the Lingayats

    The other two are prominent Lingayat politicians: Yeddyurappa and Nijalingappa

  • 8.Non exhaustive list. CONNECT. +3 for the connect

  • All are films with COCKTAILS named after them. Not exhaustive, as there are more

  • Who comes next?

    1 mark

    Who comes now?

    1 mark 1 mark for the funda9.


    Highest scorers in international Football, (when one from each country is selected)

    FULL POINTS TO THOSE WHO HAVE MENTIONED SANDOR KOCSIS AS WELL, (as there are no hints to find out the one from each country funda in the question ) . Highest International Scorers will suffice for the explanation.

  • 10. 3 marks for the connect

  • The person is Robert Knight, who started the Times of India

    The logo is of Bennett,Colemanand Co.(not to be confused with THE HINDU logo which has elephants facing the opposite direction) which owns TIMES OF INDIA

    INDU Jain is the present Chairman.

  • 11. The first line Z of a poem X from the person Y on the left inspired the name of the movie Z

    Identify X, Y and Z.1 marks for each.

    Easy one if you know the person

  • X= Sailing to Byzantium

    Y= WB Yeats

    Z= No Country for Old Men

  • 12. Identify the painter and painting on the left(1+1)

    Connect it to the person on the right(1)

    Hint: Supreme Court

  • Dematerialization Near the Nose of Nero is the painting (1)

    Salvador Dali is the painter (1)

    The Supreme Court compared NaMo(Narendra Modi) to Nero, during a reference.(1)

  • 13. Who is she? What is she trying to do? (3 marks for complete answer)

  • Pandora trying to close the Pandoras box

  • 14.Amir Khan was supposed to play the lead role in this famous movie X.

    He did not like the script and refused, and the movie turned out to be a blockbuster.

    Y played the lead role in the movie directed by Z , Z is shown in the picture

    ID X , Y and Z ( 1 mark each)

  • X= Saajan

    Y= Sanjay Dutt

    Z= Lawrence D Souza

  • X is the founder chairman of an organization Y and comes from Gods Own Country.

    He started a Sports initiative Z as chairman of Y. Z was held three times in Chennai, Delhi and Islamabad in 1998, 2002 and 2006.

    The sport started in 1920 and is a modification of the original, more practiced version.

    Identify X, Y and Z. (1 point for each)

  • X= George Abraham

    Y=World Blind Cricket Council (WBCC)

    Z=World Cup for the Blind.