Ways To Become A Better Competitor

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  • 1. Ways To Become a Better Competitor
  • 2. Introduction
    • There are no secrets to be a good competitor. The principles are the same, no matter what kind of activity you participate in .
  • 3. Competitor - Definition
    • It is a person that fights against us.
    • It is a rival.
    • It is a person that you want to defeat.
  • 4. Competitor - Reasons
    • Lack of resources.
    • Ignorance, Passion and Illusion.
    • Shortage of material or Opportunities.
    • Feeling of winning.
  • 5. Strategies to Win a Competition
  • 6. Forget about the win, focus on the fight
    • Focus more on how well you fight and compete.
    • Dont waste time thinking about the results of your performance.
    • Act now.
  • 7. Come Prepared
    • Work to know something about your opponent before you compete against them. Do some of the work ahead of time to get an edge.
  • 8. Use nutrition as an advantage
    • Improve your Diet.
    • Increase your water intake.
    • Reduce sugar and sweets intake.
    • Eat in moderation.
  • 9. If youve got the artillery, use it.
    • This is a military example, but it holds true.
    • What good is ammunition if you dont use it?
    • If you want to become a better competitor, do two things:
      • Figure out what your ammunition is.
      • Make that ammuniti on the central aspect of your competition.
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