Top 6 free video apps for ipad

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There are some great free video apps for iPad designed for for watching videos on iPad. Here they list top 6 of the best free iPad video apps that we should have on our device.


  • 1. All rights reserved 6 Free Video Apps for iPadIf you are already trying your hands on Apple iPad, you can enhance your experienceby using iPad Apps. And if you are entertainment guy, you should considerdownloading and using entertainment video apps for iPad to get the most out of yourApple device.The iPads large screen makes it ideal for watching videos and there are some greatvideo apps for iPad designed for doing just that. Here we list 6 of the best Free iPadvideo apps that you should have on your device.Free Video Apps for iPad - ABC PlayerThe ABC player is free, the episodes are free, and the ABC Player offers over 20 daytime andprimetime shows that can stream directly to your iPad. Videos load easily as all you need todo is select, tap, and watch. You still have to watch mandataory 30-second commercials every10-15 minutes. This video apps for iPad is only available for US residents.

2. All rights reserved Video Apps for iPad - JoostWatch the latest celebrity news and gossip, music videos, action sports, comedy and weboriginals for free! Theres a Joost video app for iPad, iPhone and iPod that lets you choosefrom thousands of videos that you hold in your hands.Free Video Apps for iPad - Yahoo EntertainmentA Yahoo product that lets iPad users to see TV listings guide/entertainment news/video hub,which pulls from Yahoos vast network of sites. Free to use. 3. All rights reserved Video Apps for iPad - BBC NewsThis iPad video app has the latest news from the BBC global network. You can read newsstories or watch videos. News stories can be browsed by geographical regions or categories. 4. All rights reserved Video Apps for iPad - AirVideoAirVideo is a dual iPhone and iPad Video app that lets you stream movies and videos from aMac or PC to your iPad (and iPhone) so you dont have to worry about filling up yourprecious storage space. 5. All rights reserved Video Apps for iPad - FRANCE 24FRANCE 24s application is free and allows users to tailor their approach to the news,choosing from a variety of innovative functions. iPad users can enjoy the live broadcast ofFRANCE 24s three channels as well as watch the latest newscast, business report, worldweather forecast and sports flash.Related: Best iPad Apps for Free 6. All rights reserved