The Right Way to Use a Sweepstakes to Get More Facebook Fans

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  • 1.Webinar Series: 95How To Grow, Engage and Convert Facebook Fans Part One: The Right Way to Use a Sweepstakes to Get More Facebook Fans #SnapApp4FacebookPleaseus at 1

2. Housekeeping Items Turn your computer speakers on & up! Share your questions in the chat window Tweet using #SnapApp4Facebook Recording & slides will be made available within 48hours Like us SnapApp on Facebook & leave yourfeedback so we can improve our next events!2 3. Todays Agenda 1. Why is Facebook a go-to channel for marketers? 2. Who/what is SnapApp? 3. How Sweepstakes impact marketing goals. 4. Case Study: The Magic Behind the Magic Beans 31Days of Giveaways Sweepstakes. 5. Legal and policy considerations. 6. How to track the progress of your Facebook fan growth.#SnapApp4Facebook 3 4. 70% of marketers are using Facebook to distribute content. Source: @juntajoe 5. Why Marketers Love FacebookProjected # ofusers Pagesby August 2012#SnapApp4Facebook 5 6. Why Marketers Really Love Facebook 60+%Usually or Always Source: Buy!#SnapApp4Facebook 6 7. #1 Problem for Marketers Source: 7 8. Facebook Website Blog Twitter, Google+ Mobile Ad Unit#SnapApp4Facebook8 9. Broad Category Adoption#SnapApp4Facebook9 10. Marketing Strategy#SnapApp4Facebook 10 11. Sweeps By The Numbers 70% of people who see a SnapApp will complete it On average, 22% of entrants will share a Sweepstakes with their social networks Entry forms are completed by 96% of visitors#SnapApp4Facebook11 12. Sweepstakes Impact: B2C#SnapApp4Facebook 12 13. Sweepstakes Impact: B2BSource: 13 14. Case Study What put the magic in the Magic Beans 31 Days of Giveaways Sweepstakes?#SnapApp4Facebook 14 15. What well explore Looks matter so does duration & prize Youve got to work to keep em interested You can encourage social behavior Multi-channel always wins Dont forget your mobile audience You Can Measure Social Success#SnapApp4Facebook 15 16. Magic Beans 31 Days of Giveaways #SnapApp4Facebook 16 17. Eye-Catching Sweepstakes#SnapApp4Facebook 17 18. Ask for the Like!#SnapApp4Facebook18 19. Consider the ExperienceTabNameApp Fits in#SnapApp4Facebook WindowIdeal = 19 20. Keep Interest High#SnapApp4Facebook 20 21. Sweepstakes Duration !!!!!#SnapApp4Facebook 21 22. Focus Your Entry Form#SnapApp4Facebook 22 23. Strike While the Irons Hot!#SnapApp4Facebook 23 24. The Power of Social Sharing#SnapApp4Facebook24 25. Multi-Channel Works 25 26. Dont Forget Mobile!Source: 26 27. The Magic Numbers Over 100,000 submissions 28,384 shares on Facebook and Twitter 1,456 New Facebook Likes Winner: 2011 MITX Award, Direct Response#SnapApp4Facebook 27 28. Track Activity on Your Facebook Page#SnapApp4Facebook28 29. Assess Like Source & Value#SnapApp4Facebook29 30. Analyze Your Apps Success#SnapApp4Facebook 30 31. Know the Rules! Faceboo Law Sweepstakes must be done with a 3rd party. Cannot use the Facebook like or comment as entry. Data Security & Privacy Some vendors will re-market to your leads. Make sure you ask! State Laws Except where explicitly outlawed, anyone must be able to enter. Official rules must be made available at all times. Register and Bond regulations in RI, NY, FL, AZ Age Restrictions If your target audience includes children under 13, make sure your sweepstakes is COPPA compliant. Under 18, requires parental or guardian permission#SnapApp4Facebook31 32. How Do I Get Started? Set Your Goals Define your budget! Know Your Target Audience What prize would be compelling to them? How long will you run the sweepstakes? How and where will you promote? YourAd HereCreate a FREE SnapApp account at 32 33. Recap Your SweepsChecklist Design an eye-catching and professional sweeps Offer a targeted prize Refresh the sweeps to keep interest high Limit the entry form Promote on multiple channels Cross-promote related offers! Enable & encourage social sharing Analyze your results & adjust as needed#SnapApp4Facebook 33 34. Remember the FacebookSecrets Set your Sweeps Tab as Your Default Landing Tab Name Your TabSmartly Only a few letters show on sidebar. Consider what will getattention quickly. Sweeps: Name of Sweeps or Prize: Enterto Win Design Your App to Fit 520 x 650px will show your full app on most browsers Like-Gating will it help achieve your goals? Encourage Sharing with an Extra Entry Mobile Optimize Your App for the Best UserExperience#SnapApp4Facebook 34 35. A Shameless Plug & to enter & see how it works!#SnapApp4Facebook35 36. Questions?Register for Part 2 of our series: March 7 5 New Ideas to Engage Your Facebook Community With Awesome Content at