The Most Popular Online Casino Games

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  • The Most Popular

    Online Casino Games

  • Introduction

    Online casinos have been an integral part in the online gaming culture of today and casino games are

    not much different from the other games that are played on the internet because as with other forms of

    entertainment, it gives the player the most important reason as to why he plays these games the

    experience and the leisure.

    LimoPlay Casino is on the path to bringing players a wide variety of casino games, 600 quality to be

    exact, and they are not stopping with just bringing quantity as an element because with game providers

    such as SoftSwiss, Amatic, Quickfire by Microgaming, and Endorphina, LimoPlay is taking note that

    quantity does not beat quality but its better to have both instead. Casino games are divided into

    different types or varieties, from table games to slots, a casino is filled with the lights and sounds that

    these games bring, and online casinos are no different when it comes to these aspects. The main

    differentiating factor is that casino games that are played online, giving the player the benefit of having

    to play in a comfortable environment at any given time, this is one trait that can never be achieved

    elsewhere, and this is why online casinos are one of the key characters in online gaming.

    The question now is this, what are the most sought out games in an online casino? That is a hard

    question to answer with LimoPlays vast collection, but a question that can be answered nonetheless, it

    can be said that games with a legendary reputation are the leading names in this question but the key

    point in answering this is looking at the contributions of a game not only to the casino but to the players

    who vigorously come back to experience more. This topic will be split into parts of four and within these

    four divisions the games included will be explained as to why they are worthy to be included in this list.

    Jackpot Games Bitcoin Games Live Games

    Table Games

  • The Jackpot that grew

    Many people may not know this but slot games have been a part of a casinos game collection since the

    late 1800s when the game was first invented, that is a fact that is hard to believe considering the

    technology used in making this game run, but make no mistake because the game had very humble

    beginnings before it was even considered as a major asset in the world of casinos. This game was

    invented by a San Francisco native, and mechanic, named Charles Fey during either on 1895 or 1899, as

    believed by some historians. He called his invention The Liberty bell and it became a very popular

    creation, nowadays land-based casinos have electronically operated slots but back then, Feys slots

    would work with gears similar to an old clock, and that was how the game known as the one-armed

    bandit came to be.

    Slot games by LimoPlay Casino can never be considered as bandits, being one of the most flocked games

    in this casinos collection, LimoPlays slots are all about giving players a chance to land the biggest win of

    their lives. The casino has a variety of slot games that include themed slots which are designed to

    entertain the players with its colourful graphics and themes that are sometimes based off of major

    motion pictures. Another type of slot game that is most popular with every casino player is the

    Progressive Slot, this game is the mother of all jackpots which means that winning at this game is one of

    the greatest payouts in a players winning history, and there is no doubt about that. Progressive Jackpots

    grow to tremendous amounts due to the games way of building up a jackpot, this means that every time

    a player inserts a coin into the game a small percentage of that coin adds up to the jackpot, and that

    process goes with for every coin and every player. Furthermore, Every Progressive Slot is linked to one

    another, which means that all of their contributing amounts can be won in an instant by one lucky


  • Bitcoin Gaming

    As a Bitcoin Casino, LimoPlay Casinos use of Bitcoin as a key ingredient to most of its features is one of

    the factors that make this online casino a top contender among its peers, the casino has learned how to

    harness the power of Bitcoin, and make use of it not just through transactions, but for its games as well.

    LimoPlay is taking online casino games to another plateau with its Bitcoin-injected casino games; these

    games can be considered a feast for the players gaming appetite as it provides the benefits of Bitcoin as

    well. Players will rejoice for they can play with anonymity, immediacy, and irreversibility with the added

    benefit of not having to pay any transaction fees.

    The games included in this selection are chosen with reputation in mind and only the most esteemed

    games with a lot of casino history are included due to the fact that these games are most players games

    of choice when visiting a casino, these games are:

    Bitcoin Slots

    Bitcoin Roulette

    Bitcoin Blackjack

    Players are sure to enjoy the experience of playing with Bitcoin because LimoPlays Bitcoin games are

    played with the Provably Fair feature that will let players have a chance to see the process on how a

    round resulted in such a manner. In addition, players will be given equal participation in making the

    result of the game, and with this in mind players will have no doubts about the round of a game because

    they played a part with the process of the result.

  • Nothing beats a classic: Table Games

    Table games are considered a timeless classic in a casino, the same goes for table games included in

    LimoPlay Casino, and the casino gives tribute to classic table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and

    Baccarat, by giving them an online make-over that still retains the authenticity of the games, both in

    visuals and gameplay. Players will appreciate the quality of game elements such as the sound, graphics,

    and gameplay of these games with game providers such as SoftSwiss and Quickfire by Microgaming

    providing the products.

    Being Bitcoin-powered casino makes all the difference when playing in LimoPlay because players can

    enjoy these classic online casino games in an instant by making instant and anonymous transactions that

    are free of charge if they transact by using Bitcoin.

  • The real thing

    LimoPlay Casino is making great efforts to give players who miss the experience of playing at an actual

    casino table, the satisfaction of feeling the thrill and interaction once again with Limoplays live online

    casino games. Authenticity has been displayed in the casinos classic table games, now they take things

    further with added interaction in games such as Blackjack and Roulette. Player of LimoPlay Casino can

    choose from an array of professionally trained and eye-catching female dealer, who will assist them with

    their every concern. So if ever there is an issue with the game mechanics or if they just want to converse

    things about the game, LimoPlays live dealers will be assisting the players throughout the duration of a

    game, and thus bringing an online gaming experience with interaction and socialisation.

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