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South Florida Business Tonight Show - Tuesday's 7pm - 8pm on 880theBiz, The Wall Street Network. We can broadcast our show from your restaurant, great promotion and marketing for your business.

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2. South Florida Business Tonight Restaurant Showcase Live from your location Tuesday Night 7pm 8pm Venue of your show Interview with Owners Interview with Chef Interview with Clients of choice Promote Specials Review of menu (food & spirits) SpecialGuest from Host Anchor of Show Anthony Merlino 3. South Florida Business Tonight Restaurant Showcase Wine & Martini Promotion 1 hour radio time 10 30 second commercials 2 commercials during ShowTime 8 commercials to run day before Showtime Advertisement inVenu Magazine Bi-Monthly Publication Subject to SFBTS arrangement Martini & Wine Promotion Cost $750 Contacts: 954-829-7991 or (South Florida Business Tonight is a marketing promotion of The Nabors Group. All financial considerations will be negotiated with the aforesaid) 4. South Florida Business Tonight 880 the Biz Assessments StationVenue The Wall Street Network Investing Trading Retirement Real Estate The Economy South Florida Live Broadcast AM Internet 5. 880 the Biz Station Overview Miamis Business Leader 880AM The Biz is the only full time Business NewsTalk station in the Miami Market Now, more than ever, people need financial news and advice. Our programs and personalities offer real time financial market coverage, sound strategies and advice for navigating the troubled financial sates. 880AM The Biz listeners are active and sophisticated investors constantly seeking information about the best ways to increase and become diverse with their investments. Further, 880AM offers the tri-county advertisers the best opportunity to reach potential customers at a time when they are thinking about their money. 880AM features interactive talk shows on money, investing, real estate, retirement planning, personal finance and other relevant financial topics. In addition to these topical subjects, the Bloomberg Report airs every day to further aid our listeners with current events such as economic, business and market news. Market updates are provided as the trends and themes that emerge in the trading day followed. The best and brightest guests offer insights that are deeper than the headlines. South Florida Business Tonight 6. According to the Media Audit Report the Household Income $200,000+ Business Owners, Presidents, CEOs, CFOs Own 2 or more Homes MarketValue of Home: $400,000+ Own 3 or more Vehicles Drives BMW, Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche,Volvo Owns Sailboat Attends Cultural Events, Concerts,Theatre Takes Cruises and Flies for Pleasure Fine Dining 4 6 times per month Have IRA / Keogh Accounts Liquid Assets: Cash, Stocks, Bonds and CDs = $250,000+ Reads the Wall Street Journal / NewYork Times South Florida Business Tonight The 880AM Audience Profile 880AM primarily targets an upscale, well educated, and sophisticated audience of Adults 35+ According to the Media Audit Report the listeners index extremely high with the following: 7. South Florida Business Tonight (The Biz Network)