Sorrow the movie 2015

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1. A FILMSVERITE' PRODUCTION WRITTEN ANDDIRECTEDBY: MILLIELOREDO STARRI N G VANNESSA VASQUEZ ANDREW SENSENIG ERIC MARTINEZ MARY ETUK MELISSA MARS BRENDENWHITNEY DONNY BOAZ 2. Based on true event, sorrow is a m ovie whose m ain character is a girl nam ed M ila. Destiny brings her at the doorstep of two serial killers where she has to face unbearable what will happen her to now? will she ever be able to escape from these ruthless m urderers? 3. Sorrow will m ake you think that how can any hum an being be so cruel,so hard hearted. H ersey and Dale are two m erciless crim inals,forget m ercy,they enjoy killing people!! They have done num erous m urders and now M ila has becom e their prey. Life has becom e nightm are for her. 4. But the mystery is, how does Mila manages to escape from such experienced killers? Why has she escaped from the hospital when the detectives come to enquire her about the whole incidence? What is the mystery about? Will Mila be able to live a normal life ever again? Has the criminals caught a new prey? Find answers to all this question this April and book your tickets for the movie now.