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  • facebook INTERROGATION was taken on 31st July 2012 at Aleppo, Syria. Opposition fighters regularly launched operations to seize suspected government infor- mats after dark. Two inform- ants were captured, declared guilty under interrogation, and tortured throughout the night; tired fighters had to be replaced so the torture could continue. After 48 hours the captives were released. Aravind loves movies and music.was born in Sivas, Emin Ozmen His fb updates are full of technical After finishing Turkey in 1985. informations that we can use any primary and secondary school time! But this one is special. he was placed in the in Sivas, At the end of the day, it wont be a greatof Physics at 19 department product or service or technology Mayis University in Samsun. that makes a company succeed an interest in Since he had it Aravind Balakrishnan is great people that documentary photography, he make a great CRM Consultant @ Hewlett-Packard company. Appreciate those men produced photo interviews dur- Bangalore | INDIA and women who dedicate their ing his university years. His first time and talents each day to make photography album sponsored your company a success, becausepublished with the by HSBC was those are the people who cannot name of Anadoluda ubsab/Hu- be replaced. Aravind shared this man in Anatolia in 207. quote from the Forbess.
  • from the album! Mahesh Vaishnav is in Dubai now. And this picture is from his album. Its Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai A five star hotel where they had an From Prem official meeting! Mahesh is a News Kumars wa ll Designer by profession and works in Dubai. He loves film making and enjoys music.
  • tweets of the week Pritish Nandy @PritishNandy Michael Moore: 5 Broken Cam- eras Oscar nominee detained at LAX, threatened with deportation. Arvind Kejriwal @ArvindKejriwal7 Two days back, a v poor woman donat- ed Rs 5 coin. in logon ke paise se chu- naav ladenge aur jeet kar dikhayenge Subhadra @subhadra_72 Sometimes in life all you need is a Wi-Fi, an iPad and a cup of coffee ! Ramya Kannan @ramyakannan Green tribunal disposes appeal in favor of government. Hospital can function, subject to appropriate clearance from Pollution Control Board barkha dutt @bdutt Cameron says sorry. 94 years later. Will our political lot take a cue and apologise to citizens for more recent wrongs ? Bill Gates @BillGates Today its hard to imagine the steam engine was once The Most Powerful Idea in the World Rajiv Chandrasekaran @rajivwashpost General Allen tells me that hes retiring because his wife is ill. Its time to take care of my family.
  • YouTube is a video-sharing website, createdby three former PayPalemployees in February2005, on which users canupload, view and sharevideos. The company isbased in San Bruno, Cali-fornia, and uses AdobeFlash Video and HTML5technology to displaya wide variety of user-generated video content,including movie clips,TV clips, and music vid-eos, as well as amateurcontent such as videoblogging, short originalvideos, and educational Kolkali (Malayalam) is a folk artvideos. Most of the performed in North Malabar regioncontent on YouTube has of Kerala State in south India. Thebeen uploaded by indi- dance performers move in a circle,viduals, although media striking small sticks and keepingcorporations including rhythm with special steps. KolkaliCBS, the BBC, VEVO, presented at the Festival of Folk andHulu, and other or- Tribal Performing Arts of India atganizations offer some of Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.their material via the site, New Delhi World Book Fair 2013 India Art Fair 2013as part of the YouTube The World Book Fair 2013 was held at Art lovers gathered in at the NSIC Contributed by:partnership program. Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. Exhibition Grounds New Delhi. ABHINAV ANAND
  • WORLD PRESS GAZA BURIAL was taken on 20th November 2012 at GazaPHOTO OF THE YEAR city in Palestinian Territories. Two-year-old Suhaib Hijazi and his older brother Muhammad were killed when their house was destroyed by an Israeli missile strike. Their father was also killed and mother was put in intensive care. Fauads brothers carry his children to the mosque for the burial ceremony as his body is carried behind on a stretcher. Paul Hasen is a Swedish photojournalist and has worked for the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter since 2000. He has received numerous awards, including being named Photographer of the Year by POYi in 20101st and 2013, Photographer of the Year in Sweden seven times, and two first place awards from NPPA, He is now based in Stockholm.2013Paul Hansen, Sweden, Dagens Nyheter
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