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EON PRODUCTIONSEon productions is a film production company that

was well known for the series of films from James Bond. The film company is based in London’s Piccadilly and also works with ‘Pinewood studios’ in the United Kingdom.

The industry that it is in is to entertain and was founded in 1961. The founders were ‘Albert R ‘Cubby’ Broccoli and Harry Saltzman.

The parent company of Eon Productions is ‘DanJaq LLC’ and they are the holding company responsible for the copyright and trade marks to the characters, elements and other materials related to the screening of James Bond.

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INSTITUTIONS AND AUDIENCES Audience- UK/US aimed at a global audience-

censorship in ChinaDistribution- MGM and Columbia pictures (both

owned by Sony)Marketing- Production placement, PR Stunts

synergy Exhibition- IMAX release- saturation

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PRODUCTIONThe production company of sky fall was suspended throughout

2010 because of the big budget of $200 million as MGM had finical problems.

The original screenwriter, Peter Morgan left the project during the suspension. When the production resumed pre-production following MGM’s exist from bankruptcy on 21st December 2010 Logan Purvis and wade continued writing what became the final version of the script. Filming began in November 2011 and took place mainly in United kingdom with smaller parts filmed in China and Turkey.

The film was given a release date of 9th November 2012 by MGM and the Broccoli family. However the release date was bought forward to 26th October by MGM and Sony pictures. This was two weeks ahead of the US release date.

Sky fall was part of a year long celebration of the 50th anniversary of Dr No. and the Bond film series.

Filming was scheduled to take 133 days however took 128 days.

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DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY Sky fall was the first Bond movie to be shot and

filmed digitally. It also the first film production to make the use of ALEXA Studio camera’s.

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DISTRIBUTION/MARKETING (SYNERGY)Sky Fall cost around $75,000,000 on marketing the film.This new film raised the bar for onscreen product

placement this is because ‘James Bond’ played by Daniel Craig was involved in ‘Tom Ford tailored suits, Omega sea master watches, Sony Xperia phones as well as Coke Zero, perfumes and retailers.

Sky Fall was also involved in the campaign and advert of the beer brand Heineken with Daniel Craig sipping the beer. This caused them to make a profit of $28 million which almost covered a quarter of the estimated production budget.

Ocean Royale Aftershave

Film tourism add

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Tom Ford suits

Sony Xperia phone

Coke Zero

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SOUNDTRACK- SKY FALL The sound track was released on 29th October

2012 in the UK and 6th November 2012 in the US.

In October 2012 the singer/song writer Adele confirmed that she had written and sang the films theme tune.

The song cover was shown and released on her twitter.

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BOX OFFICEBudget- $200 millionDomestic Gross-

$304,360,277Profit- $104,360,277

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AUDIENCE AND TWITTERThere was 1,637,385 ‘sky fall’ mentions on twitter

globally over the 12 months before release. Also there was 129,384 mentions when the film was finally released on Friday 26th October.

November 3rd 2011 when the title was released there were 3,298 mentions commenting on the name of the film. There were mixed reviews the majority were positive. ( Gender distribution Males 81% Female 19%)

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EXHIBITION Sky Fall was released on IMAX and this was a

success this is because it took $3.5 million in 79 locations. Averaging at $45,000 per screening. This represents the best international opening in IMAX history.

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IMPORTANCE OF SYNERGY Sky Fall used synergy this is because Sony PS3,

Phones, games, DVD, TV, soundtrack and the film were all released at the same time. This has a large effect than if one product was released on its own. This is because all the products released all promote each other and help increase the overall profit. Conglomerates for example ‘Sony’ is a conglomerate therefore is able to use synergy to boost profit because of their diversity (they own lots of different , smaller companies) these are called subsidiaries.

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IMPORTANCE OF CROSS CONVERGENCEMedia convergence is when two or more mediums

are combined. Examples of mediums are: TV, film, computer, graphics. In terms of Sky Fall the release of the DVD which is the medium of film and the release of the soundtrack sang by Adele was the medium of music were both released together. This is cross convergence as it show the film industry and the music industry coming together.

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IMPORTANCE OF TIE INSTie ins is where products are released by a totally

different company however relating to the film. This isn't synergy as it doesn't’t help promote the film just involves it for example:

• Coca-Cola• Tom Ford suits• Heineken• Aston MartinTom ford suits are promoted off the film but doesn't’t promote the actual film.

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ISSUES RAISED WITH NATIONAL AND LOCAL AUDIENCESIn the film ‘Sky Fall’ there is very well known

famous actors/actresses examples are Daniel Craig and Judi Dench. By having very well known and famous actors/actresses in this film will attract a wider audience as a lot of people know and love their acting. The locations that ‘Sky Fall’ used were many different countries for example Turkey, Japan and England. This would therefore attract a more national audience as other countries will recognize the locations. In particular London was used a lot on Sky Fall this is because scenes were seen in the locations of ‘Primrose street, Broad gate tower, Trinity square, west minister, Trafalgar square, Mill bank etc. London is a very popular tourist spot therefore many other countries know the culture of London therefore can relate to the film very well.

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TECHNOLOGICAL CONVERGENCE Sky Fall uses technological convergence because firstly it has

created its own website which has video clips of the film on. This is technological convergence because you can use the technology for example an iPhone to access the web 2.0 to access this website to watch video clips from the film. This shows different technologies coming together to gain a wider audience. As well as the website being in different languages to appeal globally. Sky Fall also released at the same time as the film a song that was played in the film sang by Adele this uses technological convergence because you can access web 2.0 to download the song from iTunes and then listen to it on your tablet or phone. You can purchase the film from videos on demand for example PPV (pay per view) which you can purchase from your provider sky or virgin. This then can be viewed on your T.V.

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Proliferation means ‘ to increase or spread at a rapid race’ this relates to film as there is huge pressures in production, distribution and exhibition. The pressure for production is that now consumers can produce their own films which makes them prosumers as they are non-professional. They then will put their films online and consumers will watch their films for free on for example YouTube. This then means that film institutions have to make their films bigger and better in order for people to pay to view it this could be by the development of their technology. Sky Fall was the first ‘James Bond’ film to film with digital hardware cameras this means that for the institution to distribute the film to be viewed at an exhibitor will be much cheaper. Because there is a lot of films being produced to gain a much wider audience the actual content of the film has to also be bigger and better. For example the cast must have a very well known and popular star this will attract a wider audience because the star should already have a huge fan base therefore gaining a bigger audience. The story line and special effects have to be much bigger and more dramatic to be able to emotionally connect with the audience and make them sympathize with the characters. Therefore in Sky Fall the actor Daniel Craig stars in the film as the main character.

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PROLIFERATION OF HARDWARE AND CONTENT FOR I&A Distribution Because there is a lot of digital cinemas therefore if the institution has

produced a digital film they have a lot of digital cinemas to sell their film to. This also means that if the film has been filmed in 3D then the actual film has to be sold to a 3D cinema which doesn’t have as much than digital. For consumers to want to go and watch a film in the cinema the marketing has to be bigger and better as every institution can market a trailer and poster to attract an audience. Sony who marketed Sky Fall is an example of raising more awareness of their film this is because they used tie ins to advertise their films by the main star of Sky Fall wearing Tom Ford suits in the actual film and in adverts to promote the product as well as promoting Sky Fall. He also was involved in the beer brand Heineken and in the advert. As well on coke zero posters which were placed on phone boxes, in the underground trains and billboards. Cross media convergence was also used as the hardware of the CD was also released at the same time as the film as there is a lot of CD’s this one was advertising the film as the song was in the film Sky Fall which made this hardware CD more popular and different. Also sang by Adele who was contracted with Columbia who Sony owned.

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PROLIFERATION IN HARDWARE AND CONTENT FOR I&AExhibitionThere are lots of hardware DVD players therefore the

distributors will exhibit their film on a DVD to gain more profit from their audience as they know that many people view films from the hardware of DVD players. The hardware of a DVD also give institutions and second chance if their film in box office is unsuccessful therefore they can gain profit from the DVD. Also because of the developed technology old films that weren't distributed to DVD’s can now be re-released. Because of the development of technology you can now view the film on the hardware of Blu-ray

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KEY INFORMATION Director: Ben DrewWriter: Ben Drew

Box OfficeBudget- $100,000World Wide Gross- $1,108,176Profit- $1,008,176

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COMPANY CREDITSProductions Microwave Film London BBC FilmsAimimage ProductionsGunslinger (Co-productions)Ill Manors

DistributorsRevolver Entertainment Benelux Film DistributorsDistriB FilmsBerkshire Axis MediaFilm 1Koch MediaMozinetPinnacle FilmsSynergy Cinema

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DISTRIBUTIONThe film was released on DVD, Blu-ray, Download and On Demand. These are a way to advertise the film as its different technologies that can be accessed to gain more popularity. This is also a way of exhibiting as its’ a ways of viewing the film. Also TV spots and websites.A campaign was made that combined both traditional and digital technology. This campaign began by a tweet and posters hash tagging ‘Ill Manors’. Plan B also released a protest music video that was to raise awareness. He decided to do this because he was brought up in a council house before he became noticed therefore he can relate to how youths feel growing up in council houses as they are all stereotyped to be negative people.

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CROSS MEDIA CONVERGENCEIll Manors used cross media convergence through the release

of Plan B’s album which was named after the film. This is because they had released the album and the film both in 2012. This strategy was successful as it contributed hugely with the advertising of the film. This shows both the music industry and the film industry combining to promote the film even further.

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SYNERGY Ill Manors is a small independent British company therefore

struggles to use synergy. This is because it doesn't’ own different companies like ‘Sony 'therefore this is a disadvantage for independent British film companies as the only products released at the same time as the release of Ill Manors were clothing and calendars. This isn't enough products to successfully contribute to the increase of profit.

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ISSUES RAISED WITH NATIONAL AND LOCAL AUDIENCES Ill Manors was aimed at ‘Niche audience’ as its aimed at 16-24

year olds. Heavily pitched at a male audience. Ill Manors aims at a local audience this is because the location is set in ‘Forest Gate’ therefore the issues shown in this film will relate to the audience of people who have lived or live in ‘Forest Gate’. These issues involve gun and knife crime, Prostitutes, drugs, love and death.

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FISH TANK- GENERAL INFORMATION Director: Andrea Arnold Writer: Andrea ArnoldProducers: Kees kasander, Lisette Kelder, Christine Langan,

Nick Laws, David.M.Thompson, Paul Trijbits.Genre: Drama Release date 21st June 2009 (Edinburgh International Film Festival)- UK

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GENERAL INFORMATION Box officeBudget- $3 million Domestic Total Gross: $5,922,292Profit: $2,922,292

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COMPANY CREDITS Production companiesBBC Films (presents)UK Film Council (presents)Limelight Communication (in association with) (presents) (as Limelight)ContentFilmKasander Film CompanyThe funding came from BBC Films and UK Film CouncilDistributors Artificial eye Syrena Film IFC FilmsCineart Alta Films Mongrel mediaMK2 Diffusion Canana Films SP FilmsNutopia Entertainment Film 1

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MARKETINGAdvertisement Posters

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MARKETINGThere is a trailer on IMDB and YouTube. Also there is several

interviews on the internet.

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AUDIENCEThe main target audience of this film is the UK. This is because

the content shows UK in a negative way. Other countries especially America don’t recognize or see this side of the UK therefore would struggle to understand and relate to the film.

The classification for this film is 15 because of the strong language and violence being used however in context.

The film ‘Fish Tank’ was a critic film therefore targeting the age range of 30-40 year olds.

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AWARDS- 20- WINS 22- NOMINATIONSBAFTA AWARDS- 2010Won- Alexander Korda Award for the best British film- Kees

Kasander, Nick Laws and Andrea Arnold.AFI FEST 2009Won- New light competition- Andrea Arnold BODIL AWARDS 2011Nominated- Bodil- Best Non- American Film- Andrea ArnoldWon- British independent Film awards- most promising new

comer- Katie Jarvis

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ISSUES RAISED WITH NATIONAL AND LOCAL AUDIENCES – FISH TANKFish tank’s targeted audience is a British audience this is

because of where the film is set. The film is set in mainly Iavaering and Tilbury which are in London this is a location most British people are aware of. The main protagonist ‘Katie Jarvis’ house in the film is a council estate flat which is stereotypically a house for the working class this shows that British working class will find it easy to relate to this film. The reason Americans would not find this film appealing for them is because they know London for the sights and the Monarchy therefore in this film by teenagers wearing hoodies and tracksuits to be classified as a ‘Chav’ walking round fighting and using bad language for example ‘Cunt’ in London would shock Americans as they don’t know the negative side of London only the positive. There is also no well known actors/actresses in ‘Fish Tank’ where as Americans watch films because they know the cast very well.

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ISSUES RAISED WITH NATIONAL AND LOCAL AUDIENCES – FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERALFour weddings and a funeral- have very well known actors and

actresses that stared in this film they are: Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson and Andie MacDowell. The people who are attracted and enjoy watching these actors and actresses perform will therefore watch this film. Also because these actors/actresses are already well known they would have their own fan bases. However in Fish Tank the actors/actresses are all unknown therefore not having any fan bases to attract audiences. Four weddings and a funeral is aimed at the middle class where as Fish tank is aimed at the working class therefore ‘Four weddings and a funeral’ attracting more of a wider audience therefore appealing to a more national audience. Lastly the title has the word ‘Weddings’ in it this is a very popular occasion that the whole world celebrates in their own cultures therefore many people can relate to this attracting a wider audience.