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Very cool powerpoint !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 1. My Finger but what saved my life, THE BALL =
  • 2. My Story.As I was going to graduate from pre-school I hadreceive a balloon. I went home with my sister and I noticed thechairs on the table. I climbed up and put theballoon on the chair. Suddenly, the chairs fell onme. It hurt badly! Then I hit a knife. This time ithurted even even super duper MORE.My parents took me to hospital when. One daythey where gonna cut my finger. They gave me theball to hold on during the operation, Luckily thesurgen came in the room. He said I don`t need tocut my finger, and the ball saved my life!
  • 3. AND THE BALL DID IT AGAIN! These are some photo`s When I was that age.
  • 4. ANOTHER SURPRISE.I stayed in hospital for 5months..Or more? But when I arrived I had awelcome back PARTY!
  • 5. a nd r en ild Hope you enjoyed it! Ch ar rs:D e he te ac Why don`t they want me! Wewewewe.
  • 6. BYE. Bye friends. This is from SHOW AND TELL! Bye!
  • 7. BYE. Bye friends. This is from SHOW AND TELL! Bye!