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  • 1. Sell Your Art Career Planning Step by Step Guidance Personal Mentoring 2000 Success Stories Turn Your Dream into Reality

2. A Career in Art? Selling the creations of your own talent, skill, and imagination isn't like any other business venture. What if you fail? What if you never try? Too many people look back on a life of what-if, i-wish or if-only. 3. Step-by-Step Weve helped thousands of artists, dealers and organizations- guiding them step-by-step to successful careers. They had the desire, the persistence, the resourcefulness, and the toughness to succeed. Do you? 4. Our Community The 2,300 successful artists we work with are friendly, honest, direct and independent. They work in all media from glass and metal to fiber and photography. They view their galleries as partners not patrons. 5. In the Beginning In 1981, our first clients were American craft artisans. We have always been supportive of the broader view of What is Art? Today painters, sculptors, photographers, top fine jewelers and furniture makers from the US and Canada are among our clients. 6. Your First Steps 1. Sign up for our email newsletter. FREE at 1. 2. Register to receive workshop and webinar event info at www. 3. Check out Niche magazine. 4. Check out AmericanStyle magazine. 7. Getting Started 1. Visit the Buyers Market by attending the Visiting Artist Program. (Feb or Aug.) 2. Work with our staff to connect with an artist or gallery mentor in your town or region. 3. Create clear goals and a detailed timeline. We assist with this too. 8. Free Services for Our Client Artists One-to-one phone support A secure reliable market Web listing and images on Press Release distribution Media Relations. Arbitration & dispute assistance. Direct mail to galleries. Advertising design Sales Training Business growth advice 9. Should I wholesale? Do you want more studio time? Do you need more time at home? Do you need to lower expenses? Do you need more profit? Do you need to plan ahead? When you retire can you sell your business? 10. Should I sell at retail fairs? Can you get into the right shows every year? Can you find the right customers? Can you get top prices for your best work? Is your work the type that requires your personal selling skills? How will you handle more time away from home and studio? 11. What galleries offer Promotion and advertising. Committed collectors. Increased perceived value. Advice about new work and direction. Consistent income. National, not regional sales. Credibility for your work. Museum contacts. The right environment. Corporate acquisitions. Prestige 12. About our galleries & shops Contemporary Craft Galleries Fine Art Galleries Frame Shops Museum Stores Catalogs Non-Profit Galleries Interior Designers Architects Landscape Designers Fine Jewelry Stores Designer Boutiques 13. Gallery & shop details Size Average 2,000 Sq Ft $600,000 average sales Credit risk: Very low Years in business: 5 years plus Ownership: Former and working artists. Terms: 80% Purchase Net 30, 20% consignment. Sales region: 25 miles. Style: 75% Contemporary and transitional. 14. Philadelphia Buyers Market 1,000 studios 8,500 dealers 50 million yrly 85% artist return rate Top 200 Tradeshow in America February & August Tenure Option 15. Niche Magazine The ultimate guide to gallery and luxury retail management. Artists reach 15,000 top art and fine craft dealers. 200 artists works featured in every issue. Gallery success stories. Buyers Market Update Featuring American made and Canada made art and fine crafts. Online art marketplace & artist catalogs. 16. AmericanStyle Magazine The favorite magazine for 50,000 art and fine craft collectors. Available in 500 galleries, on 6,000 newsstands Distributed throughout 15 countries. Featuring one-of-a-kind and custom design art objects. Americas Top Arts Destination Issue Emerging Artist Issue 17. American Made Alliance 1. The only advocacy organization for micro manufacturers and craft artists. 2. Monitoring legislation on Capitol Hill. 3. Group membership discounts for business services such as Staples, UPS, FedEx. 4. Assisting members who wish to visit their representatives or testify at hearings.