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What happens when you lose your voice before opening a conference in front of over 700 sports business executives? Well this is how I handled it at #SEAT2014 in Miami on July 20. Christine Stoffel told the history of SEAT with a little help from me @SeanCallanan.


  • 1. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Welcome to SEAT 2014

2. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Christine Stoffel ! @CBRCIO 3. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Sean Callanan ! @SeanCallanan AKA @SportsGeek 4. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Sorry Christine, ! Ive lost my voice. 5. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Can we do this Penn & Teller style? 6. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 At SEAT we know we can solve anything with technology. ! This presentation will be living proof. 7. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 For those who haven't met me before today please read these slides with Hugh Jackman's accent that's how I sound normally (maybe with some Russell Crowe thrown in) 8. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Uncanny (vocal) resemblance 9. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Wow YEAR 8 of SEAT! 10. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 (waits for applause) 11. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Take us back to 2007 ! What do you remember? 12. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 2007 Phoenix 13. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Stand up if you attended SEAT 2007 14. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 If I had a voice this is where Id comment on each of you but please know Im doing that in my heart 15. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 So you decided to do it again in 2008why? 16. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 2008 Miami 17. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Did you attend SEAT 2008? Stand up 18. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Have you noticed a trend? The people standing up are exceptionally good looking. 19. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Its so hard to ad-lib on slides. 20. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 You doubled attendance in first two years on SEAT. ! 41 to 89 ! (yes I know that is more than double. 117% increase) 21. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Bigger is better. Did that play a part where 2009 SEAT was? 22. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 2009 Dallas 23. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 SEAT grew again ! 150 in Dallas ! (thats an increase 265% from 2007) 24. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Were you at SEAT 2009 in Dallas? ! You know the drill, stand up 25. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Its OK for those of you who havent stood up yet you will. ! #spoileralert 26. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 While youre at it pull out your mobile phones. ! Tell everyone about @SEATConference #SEAT2014 27. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 No really, we are having a break while you do it. 28. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 For the lazy tweet this. Ready for a big few days at @SEATConference in Miami, follow #SEAT2014 for great insights on IT, CRM & Digital. Great job @CBRCIO 29. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 From the Big D to the Big Apple ! Tell us about SEAT in New York 30. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 2010 New York 31. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Ive heard some epic tales from New York SEAT ! Go on admit it, stand up if you were there. 32. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Lets check in on the tweets on #SEAT2014 hashtag 33. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Wow @seancallanan is rocking the #SEAT2014 welcome address and he hasnt said one word. He should speak less in his keynotes @tcaisch 34. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Thanks Tod You never know what youll get with a live Twitter stream 35. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Lets get this welcome address back on track 36. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 East coast to West Coast ! SEAT hits Los Angeles 37. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 2011Los Angeles 38. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 SEAT 2011 was my 1st SEAT ! We had a hashtag #SEAT2011 39. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Were you at #SEAT2011? ! Stand up even if youre tired by now 40. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Still keeping score on attendance numbers? 210 in LA 0 55 110 165 220 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Heres a pretty graph 41. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 After LA it was time for BIG MOVES 42. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Can you tell us about the move to 3 tracks and splitting from ALSD? 43. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 CIO CRM Digital 44. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Tell us about Boston SEAT standing on its own two feet 45. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 2012 Boston 46. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Were you at #SEAT2012? 47. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 We have photos, we know who was there #bolting 48. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Stand up and look around Remember all the new faces? ! Shoutout to CRM & Digital colleagues standing up 49. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 So Christine, SEAT crashed through the 300 attendee barrier in Boston. 50. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 2013 SEAT headed to Kansas City ! Tell us about #SEAT2013 51. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 2013Kansas City 52. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 I attended #SEAT2013 on crutches I always try to make my SEAT experience a little more memorable ! Just like this year 53. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 54. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Who attended #SEAT2013? 55. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Again we have photos, stand up 56. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Which brings us to 2014 in Miami ! Are you ready Christine? 57. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 2014 Miami 58. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Look at the attendance numbers! 0 200 400 600 800 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Give yourselves a round of applause 59. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Sorry Christine ! Ive failed you 60. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 I had one job! 61. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 You asked me to co present the #SEAT2014 Welcome Address as you love my Aussie accent. 62. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Remember I sound like this guy 63. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Its OK Ive found a solution. 64. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 International guest Charming accent Good bloke 65. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Welcome Tinus Le Roux from Fancam ! Best thing is I cant mispronounce names on slides 66. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 We are taking a #SEAT2014 Fancam 67. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 EVERYBODY STAND UP ! We did warn you about this earlier. 68. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Stand up and show how many SEATs you have attended You hand would look like this if you attended SEAT 5 times or this for 8-time attendees 69. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Smile, this photo will be on the Internet! 70. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 OK, we are done. ! Dont forget #SEAT2014 Prizes will be on offer 71. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Hang on Christine. ! SEAT is amazing because of two things 72. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Attendees & Sponsors 73. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Thank you to all SEAT steering committee members 74. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Special Mention Charlie & Amie 75. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 HUGE THANKS #SEAT2014 SPONSORS 76. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Thanks to Team #Blackshirts (We realise they are all wearing white here) 77. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Some birthday shoutouts 78. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 Grab your copy 79. @SEATconference #SEAT2014 You have been listening to @seancallanan and @CBRCIO ! Mainly Christine really #SEAT2014