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Sanchia top 5 trailers

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Top 5 TrailersBy Sanchia Thurstan 13i

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Visual imagery:• Editing of ink in water.• Title shots between film clips.• Titles as the narrative.• Title shot of ‘the trilogy begins’ is a sales pitch for the film as

its part of an important series of films.Montage of images:• Nothing is given away, basic idea given.• show a tiny clip of part of the movie then cut straight to

another before revealing any information.• Short shots• Introduces principle characters and iconic landscapes.Sounds:• Dramatic, intense music. Deep drumming.• No dialogue from actual movie with some diegetic sounds e.g.

Car crash. • Dark lighting, provides you with an idea of genre as you know

its not a happy comical film.• Refers to the film as a ‘worldwide phenomenon’ establishing

the writer who wrote the book. The use of this voice-over shapes the way the audience will view the film.

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Visual imagery:• Contrast of lighting from opening shots being bright and

happy to a dark dreary atmosphere.• The visual style of costume and location setting the era of

the film. • Minimal titles.• Close ups of characters establishing hard emotions of the

film.• Extremely dramatic.• Range of long and short clips.• Dissolve from one clip to the next, then straight cuts.

Range of editing.• Johnny Depp is the main focus, he is credited and is the

films main sales pitch as he is well known.Sounds:• Trailer music in synchronisation with the clips as well as

the dialogue.• Dialogue used but not giving away the story.• Dark humour

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWIvA8ZstWg• No narrative, only the use of dialogue from film is used, no plot

given so the trailer doesn’t provide the viewers with the story line however, lighting, titles and music provide the genre.

• Nothing dramatic, very basic editing, long clips providing the audience with the principle character.

• Awards, encouragement shown give a good reputation of the view and the audience then expect a good movie.

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Visual imagery:• Panning shot of lake and the Extreme long shots establishing

the setting provide the audience with many phenomenal settings so the film lives up to its expectations.

• Dark, mystic lighting, sets genre and atmosphere of the film.• Long clips building tension.• All titles are classic to the film and the same throughout. • Q&A one thing happens and then you see the outcome.

Keeps you guessing as to what caused what.

• Music is built up until the end, very dramatic and the ‘theme tune’ is classic to all of the films giving audience recognition.

• No narrative as it is clear that we know this film and it is part of an important series of films and not only that but the titles tell us it is one of two parts.

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Visual style:•Black and white contrast – everyone looks ill, freaky but not scary. Relates to the plot.•The use of flashing lights, lightning. •Titles matching black and white contrast. •Rotation shots•Flash into sepia and back again•Flashes of orange lighting.•Titles anchor the genre of the film, psychological thriller.

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