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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Social Group- Teenager GirlsIn my horror I only chose to represent the social group of teenage girls. In media especially in horror genre we see teenager girls who are blonde, popular in school and also picking the wrong choices and acting dumb. They are mostly seen as the girls who are emotional and also Beautiful. I also believe most female characters in the horror genre are blonde which will represent them being dumb.

In my sequence I had adhered with this stereotype but also but a little twist to it by making my main character a lonely girl that is in invisible by her peers. I had mainly tried to tried to connote this stereotype through my camerawork, Mise-en-scene and also sound. I had required to do some research on some theories that represent women in a way so I looked at the Laura Mulvey Theory that represent women as vulnerable. This is to inform my interpretation of my stereotype.

Propps Stock CharactersI had done some research on Propps stock characters and I had found out that he states that there are 7 types of Characters The villain, The dispatcher, The (magical) helper, The princess or prize and her father, The donor, The hero or victim/seeker hero, The false hero.I chose to use this theory because it is in relation to my representation of teenage age girls that are seen as variable. I decided to chose the Princess because my characters is represented as Innocent also alarmed. For example in Cinderella she is intimated by people and doesnt really talk .

Claude Levi-Strauss Binary Oppositions I had done some research on Claude Levi-Strauss Binary Oppositions and he states that there are sets of opposites values which reveal the structure of media texts. I chose to use the theory of representation of my antagonist and protagonist by making the antagonist not be seen properly but only I a few scenes. I represent my protagonist as the person who is vulnerable and also the person that is just innocent. A example of this is scream. The main character is unwise and disordered.

CinematographyWhen trying to connote the stereotype of teenage girls being weak and especially them being protagonist and also known as Vulnerable, I decided for my camera shots to be mostly midshots and close ups. I think those are the most effective shot because I believe that they do connote a meaning. I chose to have a close of my Character Savannahs face by using a close up this is connoting that Savannah is helpless. By making my antagonists also have a medium close up we have the impression that my antagonist is intimidating. In addition to keep this stereotype of women being exposed mainly got savannah to be in most of my shot s and my antagonist in some of my shots to denote that even when the antagonist in the scene my protagonist will still be vulnerable.

SoundTo represent teenage girls as weak I had looked at horror films that have females as a main character and I had also looked at the sound that could suggest this stereotype. In horror films I had came across the main characters which is a female turning her back and being aware that they are getting followed for example because my production is based in a school I have decided to for the sound to be angelic to show the innocents and I have also decided it to sound like kids are singing it.(Abercrombie 1996)Audiences are not blank sheets of paper on which media messages can be written; members of an audience will have prior attitudes and beliefs which will determine how effective media messages are. However, even with this statement that Abercrombie my productions is clear that teenage girls are represented as vulnerable and also no so smart.

Mise-en-SceneFirstly, I would like to say that I was meant to have a teacher as my character, however things never went to plan but I still have a production that makes more scene and is even more effective. In Carrie 2013. they have used a realistic setting in a school. They have represent teenage girls In such a way by making them look innocent. I have decided to take influence from Carrie to represent teenage girls, because if the directors choice in mise-en-scene. I wanted to make it realistic as possible so I am the lighting look like it was day time. This means I had to increase the lighting a little bit more go give that effect. This has allowed me to represent teenage girls as innocent, vulnerable and also adventures.