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Horror Horror films films Main Task By Steph, Nikita and Olivia QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see th is picture. QuickTime™ and decompressor are needed to see t QuickTime™ and decompressor are needed to see t QuickTime™ and decompressor are needed to see


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media coursework-horror films

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  • 1. Horror films Main Task By Steph, Nikita and Oliviahttp://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=RC01JCzU3kc

2. Target Audience Horror movies are particularly popular amongst males and under 25's. With over a third of a typical horror movie audience aged 18-24, they are a highly effective means of reaching an audience not afraid to go out at night! Horror Movie Age Profile Base:National Metro Source: Roy Morgan 2008 Horror general population profile Age Age 3. Market research

  • Horror films are unsettling films designed to frighten and panic, cause dread and alarm, and to invoke our hidden worst fears, often in a terrifying, shocking finale, while captivating and entertaining us at the same time in a cathartic experience. Horror films effectively center on the dark side of life, the forbidden, and strange and alarming events. They deal with our most primal nature and its fears: our nightmares, our vulnerability, our alienation, our revulsions, our terror of the unknown, our fear of death and dismemberment, loss of identity, or fear of sexuality. Whatever dark, primitive, and revolting traits that simultaneously attract and repel us are featured in the horror genre. Horror films, when done well and with less reliance on horrifying special effects, can be extremely potent film forms, tapping into our dream states and the horror of the irrational and unknown, and the horror within man himself. Some people believe that they are attracted to Horror films because they think that fear is a constant occurrence in the human experience.

4. Questionnaire for horror films 5. Key Concepts

  • Representation- Olivia is an outgoing, loud, bubbly, opinionated, cocky, stereotypical teenager. Steph is a quieter, easily led character who only voices her opinion when she wants attention or to be accepted by her best friend, Olivia. The boys are meant to be a stereotypical view of what young, badly influenced delinquents.
  • Audience-Horror films are mainly targeted at young males from the age of 18-24 years old as they usually contain sexual references and the narrative is not particularly appealing to females, unless they have someone to protect them from all violent scenes.
  • Institutions- Cttc film productions and will be produced by Steph, Olivia and Nikita
  • Language- A stereotypical horror film, starts with a shot of the consequences of the film(a murder) then flashes back to tell the story of what has happened during that night in a non-linear order


  • Ideology and values- Tension is created through the narrative by using the generic conventions and needs to have a fear factor so that it fits into the genre of a horror film like blood and gore, it should be realistic and believable which will be shown through stereotypes of characters
  • Narrative-The opening sequence tells the ending of the story where a girl has been murdered and the audience are shown a close up of the knife with blood dripping from it to build up tension and convey the generic conventions, and then it flashes back to what has happened
  • previously that evening where the girls are walking and one of them is captured.
  • Genre- Horror
  • This will be conveyed through a mix of blood and gory scenes with tension being created through horror music in the background, the way shots are presented should help build suspense, and the the fast moving of action will leave you wanting to watch moreif you have the guts that is!

7. CAPTURED Scene 1 and 2 (Heavy breathing and sounds of the blood dripping) Camera-closeup on the knife and then cut to a medium shot of the man and the girl lying on the floor and a close up of the blood dripping on the girls neck. Steph:(stood alone on the path) Help!!!(Muffled, loud, and unclear to show distress) Camera-close up of facial expression Olivia:(lies on the floor-dead so there is no sound) Camera-one of the boys point of view shot of the girls face Steph: (runs, and shouts, calling out her friends name) Camera-An establishing shot of the surroundings, blurred point of view shot of Steph to show her panic and to create tension, all needs to be fast moving action and a tracking shot when she begins to run. Titles Camera-Shot overhead looking at ground with light shining on pools of blood. Script 8. Scenes 3,4 and 5 (Walking down towards the common) Camera-Pan shot of road and girls. Medium shot of boys. Long shot of girls from behind, as if from boys P.O.V Boys:(howl and whistle)OI oi!!!! Camera-Close up of alcohol and cigarettes. Olivia:so I was like at this party last weekend and there was this boy that just couldnt take his eyes off of me, me, and me. Steph:Awww how sweet Olivia:Not really, I mean he was hot but then I found out from Nikita that he was on drugs. Steph:What a loser Olivia:your telling me Camera-Over the shoulder shots. Boys:FANCY A SHAG?? (Laughing and drinking) Oi whats your number?? (Boys cheer) (Girls give a disgusted look and ignore the lads to continue with their conversation whispering and then..) Camera-P.O.V shot of the boys. Steph:omg, can u imagine, I mean as if!!(Giggling) Olivia:hey I would, one of em Is hot!!! Steph:eewww, u dont know where hes been Olivia:yeh well (Boys walk faster to catch up with the girls) Steph:you think they heard, I mean look liv- there so close now, come on lets speed up. Olivia:yeh all right en, it is getting pretty dark and mum will want in me in soon. Steph:Well mine couldnt give a damn, but yeh dont wana be anywhere near these idiots. These are probs on drugs too. Olivia:I hope not! They dont seem too bad Steph:Av you not seen them, theyre drunk and eewww they smoke.. No thank you.(Breathing increases, lads are right behind them now and girls go quite and just signal to each other their apprehension) Camera-Shot/reverse for conversation. 9. Scenes 6 and 7 Camera-Shot from behind both girls and boys. Tracking shot.Olivia:Oh my god, are they going to follow us around forever? Steph:I know yeah, how annoying is it? Camera-Shot from in front of the girls. Olivia:So What do you think of Kyle? Steph:Oh hes all right I suppose.How bowt you? Olivia:Oh I heard from Leah, who heard from Andy, who heard from Liam, who heard from Lewis who heard from Nathan that he liiiiikes you. Camera-Close ups on faces. Shot/reverse.Scenes 8 and 9 Steph:What? Noooo not me? Besides; ( bends down to tie shoelace)I heard from Sophie that he already has a girlfriend. ( PAN SHOT to show that the boys are no longer there)Its not that Im bothered or anything, I mean its up to him if he has a girlfriend, it doesnt bother me at all, honestly. ( Stands back up)I mean, its not as if- err.. Liv? Whereve you gone? Seriously where are you? . Come out come out wherever you areOk its not funny you know. Liiiiivvvvv its not fair! Right youve had your laugh now, time to come out please, we need to go home. Liv please?? ( Gust of wind. Scream in the background.) Camera-Close up of Steph tying shoe. P.O.V shot- spinning around. Close up to show expression. Shot from behind trees to show liv has been kidnapped- allows audience to know before characters. Boys:(whisper in her ear) dont make a sound, be a good little girl and you wont get hurt Olivia:(tries to struggle away and bite his hand) Camera - fast moving action of struggle, close up of face and mouth o her ear and extreme close up of eye to show the tears streaming down face when the boy threatens her with a knife after she bites him. 10. Story board 11. Details

  • Times: we will shoot the film in any spare time such as Tuesday afternoons and in any lessons allocated between 3-4.30pm
  • Location: the majority of it will be shot at the common although we may need to show clips of us walking towards it too
  • Actors: Olivia, Steph and boys
  • Props: Knife, fake blood, salt water, alcohol, cigarettes