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  • 1. I have used a tagline formy poster as it is aconventional tool usedto lead the audience tothe title. My taglineincorporates arhetorical where Idirectly question theaudience as to Do youknow what hides insideyou?. However as Ihave already createdsocial networking sitessuch as Facebook andTwitter to market mytrailer, I will use thesocial platform toreceive feedback abouthow I could improve myproducts.I have placed the creditsat the bottom of myposter about the maincharacters which arefeatured in my filmwhich is a conventionfor all posters.I have used half an image ofmy prop which was the evildoll. I got the idea of usinghalf the image whenresearching and planningwhen I came across theposter of The bride ofchucky. This gives the postera mysterious feel to it as youcan not see the other half ofthe face which is why Idecided to use the sametechnique in my poster.I thought that the horrortheme should be establishedthrough the title as titles arevery important so I decided touse the stretched almostdripping like font in dark red,with a white splatteredoutline. The font style andeffects on the font makes myposter stand out especiallythe title.The date has also been placed at the bottomof the poster. My film will be realising onOctober the 31st, I decided this date as it wasthe day of Halloween. This date will add tothe horror atmosphere and the celebration ofHalloween, where the audience can go andwatch the new release thus making itattractive to my target audience.

2. The TaglineThe tagline Chucky Gets Lucky confuses theaudience on who firstly chucky is and why hegets lucky. It is a direct address to theaudience members. It is placed at the top ofthe poster and is visible through the colourwhite against the black background whichmakes it stand out. The audience recognisethat Chucky may be the villain who is placedon the left hand side of the poster who getslucky either in killing the protagonist.The ImageThe close up shot of the image of the twodolls almost human like images of a man andwomen giving a smirky grin whereas theimage on the left is covered with cuts andstiches instantly tell us that they are thevillains. Dolls are conventional horrorpardigms which have been used in manymovies such as Puppet master andDemonic Toys. The other half of the faces ofthe dolls are not shown which gives theposter a mysterious vibe, as if something iskept hidden from the audience.The dark background links in to the half ofthe faces not shown as again the blackbackground gives a mysterious vibe and ablack atmosphere creates blindness as itsdark to see whats happening behind theimage.The CreditsThere is information about thepeople and producers involved inmaking the film. The productionlogo makes loyal audiencemembers want to go and watchthe film and it makes the filmlook professional and theaudience will be aware that it is abig budget and a high qualityfilm.The TitleThe DateThe date is at the very bottom of the pageand it is ironic that this slasher film is set torelease a few weeks before Halloween.The red font connotes blood, death andpassion establishing the slasher subgenreand making it stand out from the darkbackground. However the white connotespurity linking in with the Bride of chuckyand making the title Chucky which is themain character in the film stand out with abigger font size. A chunky font with the sharpK resembles the sharp cuts on a knife. Thus,the title immediately attracts the audienceattention and conveys the horror theme. 3. The TaglineThe CreditsThere is information about the people andproducers involved in making the film. Theproduction logo makes loyal audiencemembers want to go and watch the filmand it makes the film look professionaland the audience will be aware that it is abig budget and a high quality film.The DateThe date has also been placed at the bottom of the poster. Myfilm will be realising on October the 31st, I decided this date as itwas the day of Halloween. This date will add to the horroratmosphere and the celebration of Halloween, where theaudience can go and watch the new release thus making itattractive to my target audience. I edited the date so that thefont stands out and the O is in a brighter red to match the bloodwhich gives the font of the date a horrific vibe and the posterconstantly follows adding horror throughout the poster.I chose to use the tagline Do You Know WhatHides Inside You? as it questions and is a directaddress to the members and confuses them thusmaking them want to go watch the film to findout more. I decided to place it at the top of theposter as it is conventional as many posters havethe tagline placed at the top. I added a brightwhite outline on the tagline so it stands outagainst the bright background. The audiencerecognise that the film will be based onpossession and spirits inside of someone. 4. The TitleThe imageThe close up shot of the half faced doll iseffective in creating a mysterious feel asthe other half of the face is not shownand the close up effective brings out theeye and blood as the eye looks straight atthe audience. The red blood is shownpouring out of the eye which makes itfrightening for the audience as the redrepresents blood thus the dolls evilnature. Using the Photoshop software Idecided to give the poster a retro feelusing a black and white whilst increasingthe contrast to give the face a glow andadding a blue to the eye to make the eyeand lips stand out. Keeping thebackground dark added in to theconventional dark atmosphere. Dolls havebeen a conventional paradigm which havebeen used in films such as Chucky andPuppet master etc. I felt that showingthe villain the doll was more effective asthis generates fear for the audiences whowants to find out more about its brutalnature. It also leads them to ask thequestion on why the doll has bloodpouring out its eye and why is half of theother side of the face not shown. To findout the answer to these questions,audiences are forced to go and watch thefilm. The dark background at the backcreates mystery as you cant see whatshappening at the back. I chose to lightenthe image to make it stand out from thedark background.MarketingMy poster will be placed outside cinemas,inside cinemas, bus tops, on buses, trainstations etc as this is an effective way toadvertise my film to a wider audience andmy target group who are students for aretherefore likely to go cinemas and usebuses and trains.The dark red font connotes blood which hasbeen used on the dolls face. This establishesthe slasher subgenre however the film isphysiological and supernatural where noknifes have been used but the poster givesout a slasher genre which confuses theaudience thus making them want to gowatch the film to get an idea behind themystery of the poster. The smudged effecton the font makes it look as if the blood hasbeen smeared downwards. We chose thetitle The Tormented as it is another wordfor Haunted and Tortured as the dollhaunts and torchers our main characterwhich is a secret behind the film as theaudience are confused in the beginning onwho the villain actually is as our maincharacter becomes the villain. To see whosurvives is a leading factor in inviting theaudience to watch the film which is why wedecided on the name Tormented whichmeans many things rather than Haunted.This conforms to Barthes Pleasure of Texttheory as audiences can guess what willhappen in mainstream films and seeing thisplay out is the pleasure they get. Also, thereis another pleasure to be had when theunexpected occurs which occurs many timesin our film. 5. Both images arePositioned in the centrethus they stand out andinvite direct eye contactwith readers. The eyecontact makes thevillain look powerfulAnd contributes to thehorror theme.I chose a similarmasthead and added ared outline to themasthead to make itstand out and reinforcethe horror theme of themagazine cover. I haveadded the date at theend of the masthead.The cover lines are placed on each side of the page featuringexclusive previews of the content inside thus providing anincentive for the readers to purchase the magazine. The filmroll with images at the bottom also features images of TheTormented film which again provides an incentive for thereaders to purchase the magazine to see more images inside.The film title is placed is just underthe image as it is positioned in aplace where it will stand out.The colour theme staysconstant throughout themagazine with white,red and green fontcolour.The banner is placed atthe top of the pagewhere the Halloween IIhas a white outline tomake the banner standout whilst from has ahint of green to matchthe eye colour. 6. The BannerThe yellow font colour of thebanner stands out againstthe black background. Thebanner provides incentivefor readers who may wish tocollect the covers. It ispositioned at the top of thepage making it visible forreaders.The Film TitleIt is clear as to what film thisedition will feature as it isshown on the front cover.The title has some red insideit and some white keepingthe colour scheme the samethroughout the front cover.The cover titlesThe cover line invites the reader totake a glimpse of the articlesfeatured inside. The Giant fold-outposters inside is likely to make hisfans want to purchase the magazine.The white and red font stands outagainst the black background.The MastheadThe date or publication arepositioned at the end of themasthead which is a convention forFangoria magazine. The small fontmeans that it is not very noticeablefor readers as a result, it is the lastthing readers will look at. TheFangoria has a red outer glowwhich correlates with the red colourscheme.The ImageA medium shot of the corpsewomen almost dissolves intothe darkness however thelight of the candle brings outsome light on the corpsesface but the eyes are notseen which creates mysteryand scare as we can not seethe eyes as a audiencehowever the corpse faces us.The barcodeThe barcode is positioned on the bottomlet hand side in a vertical position. Abarcode is necessary for it to be scannedin the shops. 7. The BannerThe red. White and green font blends inwith the constant red, white and greentheme. The banner provides anincentive for readers who will want topurchase the magazine to see why theHalloween II is thrilling, bringingscreams to the set. It is positioned atthe top o the page making it visible forreaders. I chose to add the filmHalloween II as Fangoria readers areinterested in new releases.The film titleIt is clear to what film this editionwill feature as it is shown on thefront cover. I added the colour redand green to the title to give thecover a colour scheme which wasconstant throughout. Behind thescenes provides a incentive forreaders to purchase the magazine toread on about what happens behindthe scenes.The cover lineThe cover line invites the reader to take aglimpse of the article featured inside.Fangoria fans are keen to know moreabout horror movies which is likely tomake fans purchase the magazine. Thewhite font stands out against the blackbackground adding red white blends in tothe red colour scheme.The MastheadThe date of publication are positionedat the end of the masthead which is aconvention for Fangoria magazine. Thesmall font means that it is not verynoticeable for readers as a result, it isthe last thing readers will look at. TheFangoria has a red outer glow whichcorrelates with the red colour scheme.The ImageThe close up shot of the main characterstands out from the other magazinecovers on the shelf. The readers areattracted to the front cover throughdirect eye contact. The bright greeneyes and red dripping blood with thenerves stands out and highlights thesadistic nature of the character. Theface blends into the black backgroundwith only light on the face whichcorrelates to the horror theme, creatingmystery.The barcodeThe barcode is positioned on thebottom let hand side in a verticalposition. A barcode is necessaryfor it to be scanned in the shops.The barcode also has a pricewhich is a convention forFangoria magazine.The puffEssential 2011 previewparallels with the white andgreen colour scheme making itstand out from the cover lines. 8. The ColourI used a red and white palette for the film poster as I wanted depictthe horror element using a colour notorious for blood and gore. Thesharp white font brightens up the poster blending in with the brightimage in the background. I opted for the white, red and green colourpalette for the magazine cover as I wanted to challenge thestereotypical red colour, and wanted to differentiate my magazinecover from the poster. Although the green may not appear as ahorror colour, I feel that green represents aliens and gore which is stillapart of sci-fi horror. The colour challenges the conventional colourtheme like The Insidious Fangoria cover. The green theme correlatesto the bright green eye colour.The FontI decided to use different fonts on the poster and magazine todifferentiate my magazine cover from the poster. Moreover, from myresearch into existing magazine covers like Fangoria, I could see thatthe film title was simple and bold. The masthead also featured fanglike sharp ends which I included in my magazine front cover tocorrelate to the horror theme.The credit font on the poster is different to the title font as afterresearching existing posters, I found that the purpose of the credits isto inform rather than contribute to the style of the poster.The ImageI used images of our prop who is the evil doll on the poster and ourmain character is used on the magazine cover as it is a convention toadd the villain on a horror magazine. I the image in the centre of themagazine and used the image to cover all the poster, creating differentforms as in my trailer where the villain and doll is shown committingdifferent sadistic acts. Direct eye contact of the images attracted myattention which is why my images give direct contact.The AudienceMy film poster, trailer and magazine cover are aimed at teenagerswhich is why they are consistent with the level of horror depicted.As my trailer is rated a 15 because of the violence I believe that myposter and magazine cover is suitable to my target audience. Thedoll and the main character is used continuously throughout all theproducts which is why I believe that the audience will instantlyrecognise the brand.The EffectThe link with my main productThe effect of marketing out trailer on social networkingsites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtubeenables use to create a stable foundation for ensuringthat our main product reaches our target audience. Ourtarget audience use these social networking sites on adaily basis which is why I am very certain that the productwill reach our intended audience who are teenagers.The poster links to many scenes in the trailer which havebeen used showing the evil doll therefore the audiencecan quiet clearly establish the connection. The same goesfor the magazine as the main character has been usedtherefore the audience can again establish theconnection. The close up shots of the doll ties universallyto my trailer as there are many shots of the doll duringthe latter part of the trailer.