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  • 2. PLOT SUMMARY The basic outline of our film is the story of two children who were killed as a result of neglect and return as ghosts to haunt other older children who dont appreciate the family they have. This would include young teenagers, the typical victims in a slasher film like this.
  • 3. CONVENTIONS This film will use the slasher film conventions of the main protagonists/victims being shown as weak and useless against larger forces.
  • 4. The antagonist will be shown as creepy, unexpected and unstoppable. They will be shown as innocent children at first but will quickly turn to evil murderers showing the creepy transition and danger in the feeling of safety around them.
  • 5. Locations used in the film are conventional of the more modern horror film, usual everyday locations such as domesticated environments mixed with more classic horror locations towards the end of the film and its climax.
  • 6. TARGET AUDIENCE Our target audience will be older teenagers to adults, mostly males as it is a horror film but will appeal to females also, a working to middle class audience would be most suitable. We hope to market the film towards this audience with our trailers, posters and magazine articles in well known horror film publications such as Fangoria.
  • 7. WHY WARNER BROS? Warner Bros is one of the big six with subsidiaries such as New Lines Cinema. New Lines Cinema produced other slasher films such as Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th we believe this subsidiary of Warner Bros would be very suitable to produce our film.
  • 8. We believe New Lines Home Entertainment is the best option to handle distribution of our film but with Warner Bros being such a powerful conglomerate synergy would be implemented to increase awareness and distribution of the film and generate a larger revenue.