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<ul><li> 1. PDQ OBSERVATION ( FISHBALL)GROUP 1:Berroya NyelBuan-Gerona ArleneDe Guzman PatrickMamaradlo Kathleen </li> <li> 2. PRODUCTDESCRIPTIONFISHBALL is anedible, ball-shapedpatty made ofpulverized fish.These fish meatballsare primarily white oryellow in color, andmeasure about aninch to two inches indiameter. They aremade by poundingrather thangrounding, and havea very differenttexture to Westernmeatballs. </li> <li> 3. PRODUCTDESCRIPTIONFish balls in thePhilippines are soldby street vendorspushing woodendeep frying carts.The balls are friedthen servedskewered, and mostoften offered with achoice of three kindsof dipping sauces: </li> <li> 4. OUTPUTPRICEDELIVERYQUALITY </li> <li> 5. Fish ball Squidball Kikiam Hotdog 0.50 2 2 1PRICE Target market are the CDE crowd or the MASA Very affordable No minimum order </li> <li> 6. Delivery Fish ball Squidball Kikiam Hotdog The kitchen in wheels include a 0.50 2 2 1 portable liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) Customers take a bamboo skewer from the cart (seen tied on the arm of the umbrella) with which they pierce the hot fishballs as they brown in oil. different sauces for the fishballssweet, sweet and sour, and spicyinto which the skewered fishballs are dipped. 3-5 minutes waiting time Standing room only Availability: Afternoon until early in the evening </li> <li> 7. Quality Fish ball Squidball Kikiam Hotdog Cooked in front of you (toasted, half- 0.50 2 2 1 toasted) Serve in tolerably hot temperature Offers variety dipping sauce (sweet, spicy- sweet, vinegar based and spicy vinegar) Cooked fish balls are floating in golden clear oil lets make tusok- tusok the fish balls </li> <li> 8. INPUTManpowerMaterialsMachineryMoney </li> <li> 9. MANPOWER JOB DESCRIPTION: Owner Vendor Selling Purchase and Preparation of the ff.:Goods to be sold CookingSauce Customer ServiceMaterials and Ingredients ( oil, sticks etc.. ) MARKETING HRD/Training Material Planning Finance Repairs and maintenance of Equipment </li> <li> 10. MANPOWERTraining Owner VendorMarketing Cooking And Operating of EquipmentFinance Basic ComputationPeople Management Inventory MonitoringInventory Management Customer Service trainingBusiness Development Food safetyBasic Cooking and Sauce PrepFood Safety ProcedureCompensation Package: 20% gross daily salesMajority of the ProfitCustomer Service: PR, Cleanliness, Quality and Efficient ServiceProduct Innovation, Competitors Study </li> <li> 11. Materials and Capitalization Products QTY/day COST/unit Total Cost Main Products: Kikiam 2 kilo 38.00 76 Squid ball 2 kilo 45 90 Hotdogs 1 kilo 65.00 105 Fishball 2 kilo 27.00 54 Sauce: Sweet 1 jars 50 50 Sweet Chili 1 jars 65 65 Vinegar 1 jars 26 26 </li> <li> 12. Materials: /unitPushcart 2,500 2500Bamboo sticks 1000 .50 100Sauce Jar 4 jars 30 120Paper plates 200 pcs .50 100Cooking 500UntensilsOil 2 liters 25 50Kerosene 60Total Initial 3,896Capital </li> <li> 13. THROUGHPUT/PROCESSHow to Start the Business?Daily Operational ActivitiesPreparation/ Cooking Procedures </li> <li> 14. How to Start? Business Plan Business Requirements Kitchen Test Customize Push cart Hire and Train the Vendor </li> <li> 15. Daily Operational Activities Prep Time 12-2pm Business hours: 2-7 pm Location: San Francisco Del MonteActual:Cook per customers orderClosing:Vendor will Turn-over the supplies and sales to owner </li> <li> 16. MATCHING </li> <li> 17. Hygiene is very crucial Competitive Price Tasteful Dipping Sauce Location Product Inventory Management Skilled Vendor and Sales-driven </li> <li> 18. Business ResultsEstimated Daily SaleDaily Sales: 1,500Vendors fee 300 ( 20% of gross sales )Variable Cost 776.00Net Profit = 476.00 </li> </ul>