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Online Film Distribution, Production, and Marketing by Eren Gulfidan

Online Film Distribution, Production, and Marketing

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A presentation about online film distribution, production, and marketing. We learn about how to make engaging videos for your audience, how to promote your videos to your target audience via social media, and how to measure your influence on the web. We give examples from online film distribution platform, Film Annex's vision and business model, successful independent filmmakers who use social media to promote their videos, and Film Annex's Creative Director, Eren Gulfidan's own work. The presentation was shown at the Online Video: Strategy, Development, Distribution and Marketing class at NYU - SCPS taught by John Ovrutsky, where I was a guest lecturer.

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  • 1. Online Film Distribution,Production, and Marketingby ErenGulfidan

2. What well discuss!How to make engaging videos for youraudienceHow to promote your videos to your targetaudienceHow to measure your influence on youraudienceExamples from Film Annex videos,independent filmmakers, and my own work. 3. Basic Video ProductionAre you making the video for a client or to promoteyour own work?Working for yourself More creative controlWorking for a client Teamwork and discussionsIn both cases, you want the final product to speak tothe audience and grab their interest. You want themto get hooked!Be happy with what you create first! According to theclients needs, you can always tweak it. 4. Who? Film Annexs clientWhat? They create educational &entertainingdigital apps for children.Target audience? Parents (Especially mothers) 5. Interview with Susan Miller Cupcake Digitals Co-founder andExecutive Producer aboutCupcake Digital and its Philosophy 6. What do we see in thisvideo?Its a medium-length video (about 5 minutes) Traditional interviewwith white background. Our model for these videos was Apple videosand ads.Susan Miller talks about her background and the philosophy behindCupcake Digital.Susan talks about the importance of entertainment and differentteaching methods. We immediately understand that Cupcake is aneducational and entertaining platform.We impress the viewers by adding Susans bio in the videosdescription: Miller is the Executive Producer and co-owner of the hitEmmy Award-winning animated television series, Wow! Wow!Wubbzy! and prime time television movies starring superstarBeyonc Knowles, Extreme Home Makeover television star TyPennington, and World Champion figure skater Michelle Kwan. Sheis co-producer of the Miramax feature film, Ella Enchanted starringAnne Hathaway. 7. Interview with Brad Powers Cupcake Digitals Co-Founder andChairman about Cupcake DigitalsNew Games 8. What do we see in thisvideo?Its a short video (less than 2 minutes)Brad introduces two arcade style games and talksabout the educational components of the game. Hewants to stress that they care as much abouteducation as they do on entertainment and engagingvisuals Ed-techWe interject the interview with photos and graphicsfrom the games to create a stronger and moreengaging video.Brad finishes the update telling the audience wherethe game apps are available: Amazon, Google Play,iTunes, etc. 9. The Creative Process @Cupcake Digital byCreative Director,Christine Norrie 10. What do we see in this video?Its a very short video (a bit more than 1 minute)We go behind the scenes with Cupcake Digitals Creative Director, ChristineNorrie and discover how the apps are conceived.We use the time lapse video style to go through the visuals quickly.Everyone is curious about how things get made whether these are movies orapps. So we spill some of Cupcakes secrets.To impress the audience, we talk about Christines background in the videodescription. Christine E Norrie is the Creative Director of Cupcake Digital, andfor over 15 years, Christine has been the creative force behind comics, graphicnovels, editorial illustration, films and books for major companies andindependent publishers, including DC Comics, Scholastic Books, Abrams, andThe Girl Scouts of America. Christine illustrated the internationally syndicatedcomic series that accompanied the first three films in Robert Rodriguezs SpyKids franchise for Disney Adventures. She also created a comic series forDisneys Freaky Friday film and has done illustration work for Miramax. 11. Cupcake Digital Kids atPlay 12. What do we see in thisvideo?Its a medium length video (about 5 minutes)Two adorable kids who are being adorable and goofyKids who are actual Cupcake Digital app usersWe show the kids playing, having a good time, andlearningThe kids interview each other. This adds humor to thevideo as you dont often get to see kids interviewing oneanother. They act like adults, and the outcome is sweet andhumorous.We end the video on a funny note due Lucas expressionand gestures, but we also find out what his favorite app is. 13. Production notesCamera: CANON 5D Mark IISound: Zoom H4N + 2 lavalier microphonesEditing software: Final Cut Pro, Adobe PremierPro 14. The OutcomeBasic interview style in front of white background Purely informative and educationalBehind the scenes video using time lapsemethod with voiceoverA lighter-toned and humorous video featuringkids being goofy while staying educational 15. With these different types of videos, we charm:Prospective investors and competitors who wantto find out more about Cupcake DigitalThe consumer/buyer 16. How to promote your videos to your target audienceKen TurnerJeff Chiba Stearns 17. Ken TurnerAnimatorFilmmakerArtistSuggested video The Birth ofSnowboy 18. Self-promotion! 19. Jeff ChibaStearnsAnimatorArtistDocumentary filmmakerSuggested video Yellow StickyNotes 20. Self-promotion! 21. What we noticed!Hard core promotion on social media platforms likeFacebookTwitterFilm AnnexPortfolioBlogsArt storeLinks to crowd sourcing campaignsBRANDING 22. My workWriter, director, editor 23. Hee Young Album Promo 24. Production notesClient: Pastel Music, KoreaAssignment: Create a short promo video forsinger/songwriter Hee Youngs upcoming album,4 Luv.Include release date, pastel music logo, andthe musicians website.Equipment used: Canon 5D Mark II, Final CutPro, Adobe After EffectsNatural light keeps the costs down! 25. Hee Young Official MusicVideo 26. Production notesClient: Pastel Music, KoreaAssignment: Create a music video forsinger/songwriter Hee Youngs song, Ill Buy Myself aGoodbyeCollaboration with the musician for the storyLots of editing and re-editingEquipment used: Canon 5D Mark II, Adobe PremierePro, Adobe After EffectsNatural light keeps the costs down!