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  • 1. TE 552 Nonwoven Product Development Nasal Strips Nesliha n

2. What Are Nasal Strips? Nasal Strips are of great help to all those who have difficulty breathing. 3. Why Nasal Strips? To increase breathing quality and performance To prevent snore and improve sleep quality 4. How Nasal Strips Work? When you wear it on the nose, it will pull up the rounded sides of the nose by adhesive power, enhancing the air flow inside the nasal cavity for you to breathe smoothly. 5. Nasal Strips Should be placed on the noise 30 min. before exercises or sleeping. YES!!! Nasal strips are not only for snoring. 6. How to Use? 7. The Shape and the Structure Non-woven Fabric Plastic Release Paper 8. Non-Woven Fabric Meltblown non-woven fabrics Spunbond non-woven fabrics 9. Plastic (PET) Plastic part pull up the rounded sides of the nose which is the most important part of the nasal strips. 10. Release Paper A medical adhesive uses in nasal strips. This adhesive can make allergy because it contains natural rubber latex. People, have alergies for natural rubber latex, should not use nasal strips. 11. Efficiency Thirty-two people 16 male 16 female The ages ranged from 19 to 71 years mean: 46 years 12. Efficiency Significant decrease in snoring as graded by the bedpartner after 14 nights use of the nasal strip. 52% decreasing showed in snoring. There was no difference between male and female subgroups. 13. New Products of Nasal Strips Transparent thin film nasal strips, Nasal strips with mentol, Nasal strips with face cream, Nasal strips with different design. 14. References J. Ulfberg, 1997, Effect of Breathe Right nasal strip on snoring U.S. Patent 6244265 , Jun. 12, 2001 U.S. Patent 7114495B2, Oct. 3, 2006 U.S. Patent 20010032645, Oct. 25, 2001 Web Source 1: [ strips.html#] Web Source 2: [ 210721075/Nasal_strips.html] 15. Thank You For Your Attention