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  • 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERGmMfgYGU0&feature=relmfu

2. Successful Things By illustrating what the lyrics are saying through visuals it really helps to emphasise it to the audience and reinforce the lyrics. This is what this music video has done and it has worked well still keeping in rhythm and flow with the song but still being able to reinforce meanings with the lyrics With the phone in my hand hoping youll make it right.By constantly changing the colours and flashing them quickly really flows with up tempo dance song and works really well. It will catchthe viewers eye quickly and easily and paired with a catchy song (which they have done) the song and music video will be easilyremembered and will have caught the viewers attention. For example below the quick changing of colours on the amp makes the videofun and new. 3. Less SuccessfulMy only criticism would have to be the ending for this music video, only due to the fact that the music slows down but the visualsdont really so when the music comes to an end the visuals just stop and dont slow down at all giving you a very abrupt end.Here is the visual moments before the end still flashingand changing colour indicating no end to the viewer. 4. EditingThe editing for this music video has been great, well edited for the music video it is. Constant changes in colour and really quick jumpcuts to keep up with the pace of the song really work. Another really effective new edit they did was match the phone with the lipswhich is a really fun and quirky edit which the audience will love. Finally the last edit they did was add in the lyrics in text at somepoints flashy up on the screen which was a really effective idea that worked and kept with the rhythm of the song. 5. OverallOverall I thought this was a really good video which was well edited throughout. Everything flew nicely and seeing as it was an uptempo song they managed to do that well with fast jump cuts. Furthermore the bright colours flashing around were very effectiveas well with it being an up tempo fun song youre going to want big bright bold colours flashing. Also by illustrating the lyricsthrough visuals really reinforced them to the audience and hopefully made them remember the catchy lyrics more.