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Successful ThingsBy creating a side story it helps to give the audience background information and able to become more engrossed within the song. Furthermore by putting the happy memories in colour and the hard times in black in white it really shows the contrast to the audience and helps distinguish between the two.

Using a narrative structure really worked as well , by using a narrative structure it’s almost like a mini movie, so you’re really able to grasp your audiences’ attention and pull them in.

By using the fade cut between the memories and now was really effective I thought. You could automatically tell that it wasn’t happening now and that it was memories, I thought it was really effective and worked well.

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Less SuccessfulAt the start (between 26 and 32 seconds) I felt it wasn’t made very clear, as it looked like she was walking into the room where he was sitting you later on find out this isn’t the case. Yet I feel they could have distinguished better between the two settings.

With an ever growing and demanding audience on media these days you need to always keep your audience gripped and so they don’t turn away. Yet I feel here when the boy was singing the setting was very boring and that the audience may get bored easily. I would of maybe had him wandering around with the guitar or even just use different camera angles on him to give the audience a different perspective on things.

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EditingI thought the editing for this music video was very effective, easily being able to distinguish between memories and now. Also the

memories were emphasised by the edit of the blur round the edge of the clip.

Furthermore the editing between black and white to colour was also very effective helping the audience again easily distinguish between memories and now, but more so to try and illustrate to the audience that the black and white is connotating sadness and colour is connotating happiness.

Sad Happy

Finally I felt the end was very well edited when she knocks at his door and the black and white turns to colour again illustrating to the audience that they are happy again and signifying the end of the music video perfectly.

B & W Colour

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OverallOverall I thought this was a very well done thought out music video with a very clear start and end. The

editing was done really well making it dynamic and interesting for the audience also by using a narrative it did this and also kept the music video flowing nicely. The only major improvement that I would have to make would be to make sure their were a range of camera angles and movements to make it more interesting for the viewer also so it strays the music video from becoming boring. Yet overall a very good well thought out music video.