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Music Magazine By: Amil Kumar

Music Magazine Research

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Page 1: Music Magazine Research

Music Magazine

By: Amil Kumar

Page 2: Music Magazine Research

Target AudienceIn order to find out what music teenagers listen to I gave out questionnaires and from results that were distributed from 30 difrent people I have found out that most of the people I asked where Male, the age group was about 16-18, the most popular Genre of music was Hip Pop, the artists they listen to where; Drake,Kanye West, 2 Chainz Eminem, One Direction, Avichi, David Guetta Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Calvin Harris Example. In addition the results suggest that people look for the latest news in magazines. 50% of people said they bought music magazines and would pay £1.00-£5.00

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Typical Reader Profile• Aged 16-18 • Male• Still in full time education• An interest in Urban music • An Interest in Hip-Hop Music because I will basing my music magazine on

this genre of music• An Interest in the upbeat rhythm to music because that is one of the key

elements to Hip-Hop music • Someone who is “down to earth” and is “laid back”

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Market ResearchTeen Vogue

Teen Vogue is magazine specifically targeted for teenage girls. However the magazines that they produce do not always have the same music genre. teen vogue has other concepts beside music such a blogs and forums about fashion and beauty.

We love pop is a magazine specifically targeted for those with a interest in Pop music. In addition the magazine suggests the target audience are teenagers as there are many teenage idols and Tom Daily who isn't even a singer in order to widen their audience.

We Love Pop Vibe

Vibe is a music and entertainment magazine that features RnB and Hip-Pop. Unlike “We love Pop” and “teen vogue” vibe isn't specifically targeted for teenagers.


NME is a magazine which has the latest music news, reviews ,gossip and band memorabilia. NME has a wide range of music genres however the magazine mainly targets men ages 17-30.

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Conventions ImagesMusic magazines tend to mainly have one major music artist as the cover to represent the magazine however some magazines like “we love pop“ have various music artists with various sized images.Fonts In terms of fonts music magazines tend to have really big sized letters which are mainly bold and white. In addition some magazines such as “Vibe” use custom made fonts.Colour/Theme Music magazines tend to have a certain background colours/themes. Most of the time the music artist will be in the cover image and wearing clothes that match the background colour.LayoutIn most music magazines there will be a music artist or music artists in the middle, the title on the top and additional information overlapping the artist/s. In terms of contents pages music magazines like Hip-Hop and RnB magazines seem to have a image of a relevant music artist and then the contents in really small writing in either the left or right hand side, however for pop music magazines the contents pages tend to have a series of images referring to the contents.

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Analysis of 2 other existing product’s front covers

This is a Hip-Hop magazine however it isn't specific to teens. Teenagers tend to listen to rappers such as Drake because he is fairly young and successful therefore he is the cover image of this music magazine.

This Pop magazine was made by “WE LOVE POP” .Their target audience are teenagers as this magazine contains a range of singers and even teen idols such as Tom Daily in order to attract teenagers to the magazine.

The layout of this magazine has 3 people as the cover image near the right centre, the title in a speech bubble and near the top left and parts of the content inside the magazine over lapping the music artists.

The background colour of this magazine is black and Drake is also wearing a black coloured t shirt because most music magazines tend to have the clothing of the music artist matching the colour of the background .

In terms of font “Vibe” has used a custom made font. The colour of the letters are white in order to contrast with the background and the size of the letters are really big and bold in order to create impact.

The layout of this magazine consists of the title being at the top, The music artist Drake in the middle and additional content inside the magazine outside and overlapping Drake.

In terms of font the letters are a medium size. The colour of the letters are black in order to contrast pink border.

The background colour of the is white as it doesn’t need to match the colour of the cover image as there is more than one person.

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Analysis of 2 existing product’s contents pages

The Genre of this music magazine is RnB therefore there is a picture of a RnB music artist Usher.

The target audience is about 15-20

The layout of the contents page of this magazine consists of Usher near the right side and on the left hand side with 7 features of the magazine.

The contents page for this music magazine has a lot of images in order to refer to the contents. In terms of layout the proper contents are near the bottom left, and the title is at the top.

In terms of the background colour it is blue, white and yellow and you can barely see it as there are so many images and writing covering it.

As this is a pop music magazine it is obvious it has a series of images of pop music artists and actors/other teen idols because the target audience for this magazine are teenagers.

The background colour of this magazine is a faded grey.

Page 8: Music Magazine Research


From my research my ideas for music magazine:• The genre of music I will choose to base my music magazine will be Hip Pop because from the

results from my questionnaire Hip-Hop was the most popular and I also have and interest in Hip Pop music.

• My music magazine will have bold, large, white letters for the title. The cover image will be of someone with the background colour matching the colour of their clothing. I have these ideas for my front cover of my music magazine because these are some of the main features of Hip-Pop magazines.

• The name of music magazine will be “Zone” because I want to make the audience of my music magazine seem as though they are in “their own zone” when reading my music magazine.