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1. MAROON 5RAQUEL LOCKWOOD 5s-10-biggest-billboard-hits 2. The band was previously known as Karas Flowers, originating in California, but evolved into Maroon 5 when Valentine joined the band in 2001. The band currently consists of five members: Adam Levine(lead vocalist), James Valentine, Jesse Carmichael, PJ Morton, Mickey Madden, and Matt Flynn. Morton filled in for Carmichael while he took a break from performing. Morton stay in the band when Carmichael returned in 2014. This has been the first time that Maroon 5 has had an official six members. content/uploads/2013/08/maroon-5-songs-top-list-2013.jpg 3. Maroon 5 has been nominated for 126 awards and has won 31 of them. The band has had nine songs hit number one on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs Chart. This chart has been around for 18 years and Maroon 5 holds the record for the most number ones so far, beating Katy Perry by only one. Their album, V sold 164,000 copies during its first week of sale giving them their second number one album, after their first It Wont Be Soon Before Long. 4. music-video-new-single-sugar/ I personally love Maroon 5. Recently, my Maroon 5 favorites have been Maps, Animals, and my very favorite: SUGAR. Their music is so addictive and has a great beat that just makes me want to sing! In fact, I tend to play their songs on repeat and just jam out all day long(my friends seem to get annoyed after awhile). Adam Levine is, unfortunately, married but what he doesnt know is that in the future he will divorce his wife, Behati Prinsloo, and marry me instead. 5. VIDEO PAGE 6. Works Cited ved_by_Maroon_5 beat/6236725/maroon-5-second-number-1-album-v