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  • Most Popular Party Ideas

    Planning a party is probably among lifes biggest stresses. Its almost as stressful as having a

    baby. Okay, maybe not as stressful, but pretty close. The party, in a sense, becomes like

    your baby so you feel so you feel as though you have to make it perfect because it is a

    representation of you. You have to get all of your party rental items and figure out the guest

    lists. This simply means your party has to be perfect. But what is a perfect party without a

    theme? Whether it be a set of colors or a movie or a holiday theme, it just always looks

    better when your party is presented with some cohesiveness.

    A Colour Set

    Sometimes having a whole elaborate theme isnt necessary for a party. A lot of the more

    sophisticated and elegant parties are built around a color palate. A party can completely

    change once the color choices are altered. You can go from having a green and blue party

    for a six-year-old boy to a pink and purple party for an eight-year-old girl. You could have a

    sophisticated black and white party or a royal purple and gold party. If youre not going to

    have an exact theme, your best beat to throwing a great party is to have some kind of color

    flowing through the party.


    It is every little girls dream to grow up and be a princess. Unfortunately, the world is a cruel,

    cruel place and its just not a smart career choice to try and be a princess when you grow

    up. However, it is very possible to feel like a princess for a day. That is totally doable. Make

    it special for everyone. Get tiaras and get everyone to dress up and make the venue feel as

    much like a castle as possible. You could even go to a party rental store and get an inflatable

    castle. Really go all out for this one because it would be extremely memorable whether its

    bad or good. You want to make as many good memories as possible.

  • Superheroes

    It is every little boys dream to be a super hero and have super powers. Growing up

    watching the Avengers was like watching somebody else do your dream job. It almost made

    you thrive to get stuck in a radioactive lab and get some awesome super powers. As much

    as that sounded like an awesome idea when youre a kid, once you grow up you realize how

    crazy and obscured that idea is. The only way for them to fulfill that dream is to throw them

    a superhero themed party.


    Pirates were cool even before Pirates of the Caribbean came out and ever since that movie;

    pirate themed parties have been extremely popular. It is so fun and exciting for kids to

    explore their imagination and get to spend the day being somebody else. As kids, its nice to

    play make believe and feel like you can do things that you normally couldnt. As a pirate

    they get to immerse themselves in this idea. They get to enjoy the idea of spending a day

    out on the water looking for gold. Some pirate swords and bandanas can go a long way in

    this game.

    Tents Are Great Too

  • Of course there are so many more ideas for party themes you could find on the internet and

    use and you could even come up with you own idea. You could even mix and match ideas to

    be different and unique when it comes to your personal party. You could even take these

    ideas up a notch and use them in a grander scale party such as a wedding. Are you aware of

    some of the major wedding tent styles that will enhance your event? Our tent

    rentals experts will touch on this next.