Most Popular Cocktails and Mixed Drinks

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Most Popular Cocktails and Mixed DrinksCocktails are probably one of the most popular social drinks nowadays. Parties these days cannot go are never without cocktails or mixed drinks. Aside from great music, cocktails and mixed drinks are always added to the life of the parties.So what are the most popular cocktails and mixed drinks? There are actually a lot of them and to name a few, theres Caipirinha, TiPunch, Pegu Club Cocktail, Long Island Iced Tea and Sangria.Caipirinha is actually the national cocktail of Brazil. It is traditionally made of cachaca, a type of liquor made from fermented sugar cane, sugar and lime.TiPunch, on the other hand, is extremely popular in French-speaking Caribbean states. It is a rum-based mixed drink traditionally made of rhum agricole, rum made from freshly squeezed sugar cane, lime and cane syrup. TiPunch is by nature strongly alcoholic and is usually served as aperitif or before meal.Pegu Club Cocktail is actually a signature drink of Pegu Club, a Victorian-style gentlemens club in Burma. Its a combination of sweet, sour and bitter tastes and is often served in a chilled glass. Pegu Club Cocktail is popular as a hot weather drink.Then we have Long Island Iced Tea, a very popular highball or a type of mixed drinks that is a potent, tea tasting drink. It contains all the white spirits vodka, gin, tequila, rum - topped off with a dash of Coke. Contains non-alcoholic mixer in a larger proportion when compared to the alcoholic base spirit it contains. Long Island Iced Tea is usually made with vodka, gin, tequila and rum, and is considered as a summer drink.Lastly, we have Sangria, a wine white punch that is extremely popular in Spain and Portugal. Sangria is usually consists of red wine, chopped fruits like apple, melon and mango, sweetener such as honey and sugar and a little amount of spirit. Some even added Sprite or 7-Up to jazz it up. Sangria is great for wines that have stayed open for too long the fruits refresh the wine and make it drinkable again in it.If you wanted to master all these mixes, Drinkdings can teach you how to do so. Drinkdings --- your Cocktail Bar Solution TM - , offers various workshops on preparing different cocktail/mocktail mixes. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and unleash the bartender in you!