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  • 1.Me & My MoviesGenre : ComedyJoshua Whipday

2. The Inbetweeners Movie Director : Ben Palmer Year of Production : 2011Friends Will McKenzie, Simon Cooper, Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland havefinished their A-levels and are about to leave Rudge Park Comprehensive, much to therelief of Mr. Gilbert, their sardonic, mean sixth form tutor. Within their final week ofschool however, Jays grandfather dies, Simon is dumped by his girlfriend Carli, andWills divorced father tells him he has married his much younger mistress. The boysdecide to go on holiday together and Neil books them on a trip to Malia, Crete. 3. The Hangover Director : Todd Phillips Year of Production : 2009Celebrating his coming marriage to Tracy Garner,Doug Billings and his friends Phil Wenneck, StuPrice, and Tracys brother Alan travel to Las Vegasfor a bachelor party, staying at Caesars Palace.The next morning, Phil, Stu and Alan awaken tofind they have no memory of the previous nightand Doug is nowhere to be found. Stu is missing atooth, their hotel suite is in disarray, a tiger is intheir bathroom, and a baby is in the closet. Theyfind Dougs mattress impaled on a statue outsideof their hotel and when they ask for theirMercedes, the valet delivers a police cruiser. 4. The Waterboy Director : Frank Coraci Year of Production : 1998Bobby Boucher is the lowly waterboy for a collegefootball team, until the coach discovers his amazingtalent for tackling people much bigger than him. Hesigns the Waterboy as the new star player, but Bobbymust keep it secret from his overbearing anddomineering mother. 5. Why do I like the comedy genre?The reason I am attracted to the comedy genre is because I like laughter and the aimof comedy is to make its audience laugh. Laughter puts me in a good mood. Manycomedies have punch lines which people use in every ay life to makes jokes so thismakes genre a more social genre than others and I like to be social especially whenlaughter is involved. Most comedies have light hearted storylines therefore the filmdoesnt require you to think too hard and allows the viewer to easily understand andrelax. Most well known comedy based films have actors that are well known for theircomedic presence and mannerisms, because a lot of their humour is visual as well asverbal. Special effects in comedic films are rare however they are present in films suchas Honey I Shrunk The Kids (1989) to good effect.Comedies like Scary Movie and Airplane are successful in the comedy genre by usingintertextuality, e.g. Scary Movie takes storylines of other horror films to make up itsown film however it is a spoof therefore it incorporates comedy into what are meantto be horror films. Intertextuality encourages me to watch certain films because of theanticipation and expectation of the films it incorporates makes me wonder how theycreate a comedic scene out of a scary scene. 6. Star TheoryI would watch a film because of who is in it. For example if an actor/actress I like andfind funny is in a film I havent seen, I am likely to then watch that film because Iwould expect it to be good because I will have most likely have seen the actor oractress in another film and they will have made me laugh in that Im therefore Idexpect to laugh at them again. This is why many film producers use the stars of theirfilm and also use positively well known stars for advertisement before the film isreleased so that their audience is broaden and expectation kicks in making theiraudience want to see their film more.Stars are made for profit. In terms of the market stars are part of the way films aresold. The stars presence in a film is a promise of a certain kind of thing that you wouldsee if you went to see the film Quote (Dyer, 1986) 7. Frameworks of InterpretationThe Hangover TrailerThe Hangover trailer contains a lot of crude / rudereferences, these sort of references are often presentin films such as The Hangover who are aimed at theyounger audience like teenagers. Alcohol is alsopresent in The Hangover this is also a code andconvention of comedy that is aimed at the youngeraudience. 8. Frameworks of InterpretationThe WaterboyThe Waterboy trailer shows stereotypical thingsthat are funny such as somebody getting hit by aball or getting squirted by water. Bobby Bouchet(Adam Sandler) talks with a stereotypicallycomedic voice, this automatically interpretscomedy and laughter. 9. Frameworks of InterpretationThe Inbetweeners MovieThe Inbetweeners Movie also has a younger audiencesuch as teenagers, therefore they shows lots ofdrunken clips and nudity in the trailer. These oftenseem to be in many film trailers that are aimed atyounger audiences. Explicit language is alsosomething that producers seem to involve in moviesaimed at a younger audience, as in teenagers. 10. Media LiteracyA common way in which people find out about not onlycomedy but all types of films is through advertisement ontelevision, internet and magazines. These types ofadvertisements dont only advertise films in themselvesbut they also trigger a chain reaction by word of mouth.The internet is used for advertisement by socialnetworking websites, web apps, banners and blogs, theseall once again link to word of mouth. Films also pay to befeatured in movie related magazines therefore theirmovie is then broadcasted to the correct audience.Cinemas also play a series of adverts before films at thecinema, these adverts usually link to the type of genrewaiting to be watched. For example if you are watching towatch a genre movie they are very likely to play advertsfor other comedy films before it. 11. Reception TheoryMy age plays a big part in why I like the comedygenre so much. Another reason why I like comedy isbecause I enjoy laughter and comedy makes melaugh. The comedy genre is a very good way to besocial as you can share a laugh with your friends.Definition : Reception is the action of receiving, ortaking in, physically or spatially. 12. Active SpectatorshipWhen I go to the cinema the comedy genre is a goodchoice when with friends because it is something weall have in common and most people enjoy laughterand comedy. Comedy also creates a good focal takingpoint among my group of friends as we can all talkabout what the funniest parts were. The good thingabout the cinema is that when being watched in 3Dvisual comedy can appear more funny to theaudience. Cinemas also make films more interestingto watch as it is on a big screen with loud volume. 13. The Inbetweeners Movie Trailer