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Kate Limebrook Video Storyboard Final Digital Storytelling Fall 2013 NEW LOVE

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Kate Limebrook

Video Storyboard Final

Digital Storytelling Fall 2013


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SCENE ONE (Opening) – The Break Up• The camera starts the scene by making

everything look as if it’s out of focus and it will be filmed in black and white (sad music is playing)

• After the first ten seconds has passed, the camera will zoom out and focus, so that you can see full body shots of Taylor and her high school sweetheart.

• After several minutes of arguing back and forth, Taylor brings up a good memory – The camera then fades into a flashback of when the two started dating (the video will switch to full color during the flashback, but will go back to black and white once the flashback is over).

• When their discussion gets heated again, the camera will zoom in (close-up shots on their faces, so the audience can see their expression lines in full detail.

• At the end of the scene, the camera will focus on Taylor. The camera will zoom in on her face, steadily stay with her as she stands up, and follow her as she runs towards the door. Then before Taylor shuts the door, she will look back at her now ex-boyfriend. During this moment, the camera will flip around and will capture her ex-boyfriend as if the camera is now showing Taylor’s perspective. After the door is closed, the camera will flip back around to filming Taylor and will show her getting in the car and zooming off.

• After the car is out of sight, the camera screen will fade to black.

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SCENE TWO – The Struggle • The camera shows Taylor sitting on

a window seat - her entire body filling the frame (sad music still playing). • The camera will zoom in past

Taylor’s head to show the audience what she is looking at outside (which is just rain). • The camera will make a quick jump

cut from “looking” outside to a quick flashback of Taylor remembering her previous fight. Then the camera will jump cut back to her face.• The camera will then jump to a full

body shot of her roommate walking into the room and acknowledging Taylor for finally coming out of her room. • The camera will follow Taylor’s

roommate as she walks over to her and gives her a hug (Dolly shot)• The scene will end by fading to a

black screen.

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SCENE THREE – Realization• Medium paced (not sad, but not

quite happy) music starts the scene.• The camera opens on a close-up

of Taylor smelling flowers and the color slowly turning from black and white to full on color• The camera then jumps to Taylor

talking and hanging out with her roommates. They all fill the entire shot. • All of the objects and humans in

the shot are very focused (no blur effect), except Taylor – She is slightly out of focus.• The camera then zooms in on

her face to show a half smile she is making at her friends to prove that she is still not completely happy.

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SCENE FOUR – Discovery • The camera then quickly

switches to Taylor laying on her bed.• She is on her laptop, so then

the camera zooms in on her hands typing away on the keyboard. • The camera then cuts to a

picture of a black kitten on the computer screen.• The music then becomes very

fast paced and sounds very happy. • The camera will transition to a

shot of her laying on the bed. A light bulb will suddenly appear above her head.• The scene will end with the

screen fading to black.

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SCENE FIVE – Taking a Trip • The camera will open with

Taylor driving in the car with one of her roommates (happy music playing). • The camera will show

multiple, fast shots of the scenery outside of the driving car. • Then the camera will cut to a

shot of the entire car turning into the Humane Society parking lot. • The camera will zoom in on

the driver’s side door closing shut and then on Taylor and her roommate’s feet as they walk towards the front doors.• The camera will then fade to


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SCENE SIX – The Adoption • The camera opens with a shot

of multiple kittens playing in a playroom (light-hearted music). • The camera will zoom in on a

tiny black kitten, then to Taylor’s happy face, and then back to the kitten again. • The camera will then cut to a

medium shot of Taylor holding the kitten in her left hand and signing papers with her right hand. • The scene will end by having

the camera follow Taylor and her roommate back to the car and then watch them drive away. Scene will fade to black.

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SCENE SEVEN – Bonding Time • With happy classical music playing,

the scene will fade into a full body camera shot of Taylor cuddling with Olive in front of the TV. • The camera starts by looking at

them from a front view, but as the scene progresses the camera angle changes to an aerial shot and then to a back view (behind) shot. • The camera will cut to a black and

white scene to represent a flashback Taylor is having of her break up fight, but will only last a few seconds (music becomes sad).• The camera will then jump cut to

Taylor petting Olive and Taylor shaking her head (happy music comes back).• Scene ends by fading to a black


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SCENE EIGHT – The Bond Continues to Grow• The scene will open with the

camera zoomed in on Olive.• The camera will follow Olive

along as she chases a ball (dolly shot) – fast paced, happy song playing.• The camera will then cut to

the Taylor napping on the couch • A few seconds later, the

camera will cut back to Olive sitting next to the couch and then show a close-up shot of Olive jumping into Taylor’s lap. • At this point, the camera will

switch to an aerial view of Olive laying in Taylor’s lap and Taylor petting her, while smiling.

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SCENE NINE – Supportive Roommates

• The camera opens with a full body shot of Olive and two of Taylor’s roommates all playing together. • Then the camera will switch to a

view of one of the roommate’s smartphones to showcase the fact that they are recording a Vine video of Olive playing. • The music will again be fast

paced and cheery. • The camera will zoom in and out

on Olive and the two roommates one at a time. • The camera will then cut to Taylor

walking into the room.• The camera will then show a

steady medium shot of one of the roommates walking over to Taylor to show her the vine video.• The scene will end by fading to a

black screen.

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SCENE TEN (Final) – Understanding of Love and Companionship

• The camera opens with a shot of Olive, Taylor, and her roommates all laughing and talking in the family room.

• The music playing will be medium paced, but happy and the lighting will be warm and welcoming.

• The camera will then zoom in on Olive laying in Taylor’s lap.

• Then the camera will slowly rise from

Olive up to Taylor’s grinning face.• The scene will end by fading to

a blur and then to a final black screen.