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My presentation at Coppell ISD Convocation on August 20, 2013. The first presentation of "Liberating Genius."

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  • LiberatingGenius


    presented byAngela

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  • 98%32%10%2%Genius Denied

  • Leave No Genius Behind

  • *LiberatingGenius

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  • Noun:Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.

    A person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect: "musical genius"genius

  • Defining GeniusRe-Solves problemsMakes an impactGifts the world


  • I am a genius. Did you know Im a genius? I am a genius!

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  • CLAIM YOUR SUPERPOWERThink Differently About Your Place in the World

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  • What breaks your HEART about the world?

    ACT ON THAT!#Choose2Matter

  • We have a

    to make a difference in our world. Its tapping into that truth that will ultimately unleash the geniusfrom those we lead, love and serve.duty to share our genius-Angela Maiers-

  • General John Michel

  • Liberating Genius

    Genius is born of the desire for adventure that never leaves youthe ever-present wanderlust that beckons you from your tidy, predictable daysthe insatiable curiosity that forever hopesforever longsfor life to be bigger and more vibrant and more meaningful than the one you currently live.

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    wikis blogs podcasts videos dont mean anything if they dont produce a face like this. or what ben zander calls smiling eyes. they are the future. they are the wow.