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Leaflet progression Ryan Goldsmith

Leaflet progression

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Page 1: Leaflet progression

Leaflet progression

Ryan Goldsmith

Page 2: Leaflet progression

Basic start to the inside

This image originally started on the inside left side of the leaflet, however I decided that it worked better when moved to the back in conjunction with the information on there.

First hand account of someone who decided to take part in what SASH are doing and help out.

Page 3: Leaflet progression

The start of the front and back

As you can see I have moved the image that was on the inside left to the back of the leaflet now and added information which goes hand in hand with it. This is a rough guide.

Page 4: Leaflet progression

Entering final stages of front and back pageThe back has been used to house information about what SASH do as a charity and also what you can do and how you can become involved.

On the front I have included the SASH logo, an image and ways of finding out more information.

Page 5: Leaflet progression

Inside left and right

On the left side I have included statistics relevant to homelessness in England. On the right I have included a first hand account of a woman who has helped out SASH by taking in people.