UK Film Magazines Who owns/publishes the magazine? How much does it cost? How often is it published? Who is the target audience? What is its typical content e.g. mass/niche market films, genre specific? Analyse the name, logo, font style and colour for masthead, tagline – what is connoted? Key points about layout and design of front cover – does it follow expected conventions?

Lauren uk film

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Page 1: Lauren uk film

UK Film Magazines

Who owns/publishes the magazine?How much does it cost?

How often is it published?Who is the target audience?

What is its typical content e.g. mass/niche market films, genre specific?Analyse the name, logo, font style and colour for masthead, tagline – what is connoted?Key points about layout and design of front cover – does it follow expected conventions?

Page 2: Lauren uk film

Total FilmTotal Film is published by ‘Future Publishing’ once a month

costing £3.99. This high price suggests its target audience must have a real interest in up and coming movies and actors to be willing to pay the price.

The typical layout of the magazine is that there will be a ‘Total Film’ interview with the newest movie and focus of the magazine- often on the front cover. The interview would consist of a six-page-spread with the actor or director.

I like how the magazine name is always put behind the character of the film, also the colour theme always matches the characters, fore example the avatar magazine has a blue background and other complimentary colours that don’t take the attention away from the picture.

Often aimed at males but not exclusively so.

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EmpireEmpire magazine is Published by Bauer Consumer Media

monthly And being sold for £3.99. This price also suggests that the target audience has to have a large desire and interest for the magazine to pay £3.99- Young adults.

The main features of Empire are: news, previews, reviews, classic scenes, top ten list, celebrity answers, at home sections and many more.

The colour schemes of the magazine also match or co-ordinate with the main star of the issue. For example the Man of steel issue has a red theme that matches his costume. However the brand identity of the magazine s the red ‘Empire’ text, and will only change when it really doesn’t co-ordinate with the film colour scheme at all.

Mass market- its not genre specific- covers Hollywood movies and usually popular releases

Page 4: Lauren uk film

Sight & SoundSight and Sound is a magazine published monthly by the British

film institute- more serious- monthly and being sold for £3.95The market of the magazine is niche because it focuses on a more

mature audience because its more of a theory and academic view.

Main elements that the magazine includes is film reviews throughout and also asks an international group of film professionals to give their greatest film of all time every ten years.

The magazine always keeps the brand identity- the yellow magazine name as a sign of maturity and that the audience goes to them, the magazine doesn't have to change how it looks to attract their niche market

It is also governed by the royal charter as its a charity.

Page 5: Lauren uk film

Little White Lies

Little White Lies is published bi-monthly for £6 and is published by the British independent movie magazine which is a small company.

The magazine is very design driven and looks very sophisticated but would be more attractive to a younger generation- therefore it is a niche audience

The magazine features the main cover film as well as reviews for other movies.

The cover is very stylised and doesn’t follow typical magazine conventions that others have.

Page 6: Lauren uk film


SFX is published by future who also publish total film. Its a fantasy and horror magazine and has a specialist audience.

SFX is £4.50 and published monthly.It is none age/gender specific but targeted at the people

who like the genre of movie.SFX often associated with special effects.The font is none conventional but suits the style of the

genre and comes across futuristic.Blues and neon colours/ bolts of electricity- powerful and


Page 7: Lauren uk film


Uncut is edited by Allan Jones and is published monthly by IPC media for £4.80 an issue.

It is aimed at a more mature audience of 25 to 45 year old men. The magazine focuses on music and movies and used to look at books.

Main elements within this magazine are the interviews with film directors, music and film news and reviews on new major film, music and album releases.

The title font is quite old fashioned however depending on the article it does compliment the subject. Unlike other music magazines the font is serif.

Page 8: Lauren uk film

SummaryFor example this SFX magazine cover includes the

typical conventions of a blue haze, cold temperature and shocking tone yet the font of ‘SFX’ is completely different to any other magazine cover yet completely suits this magazine because of the Sci-fi genre.

The angle of the cover lines are also very related to the front cover picture and placed at an obscure quirky angle.

I’ve learnt that following key conventions isn't always what makes a magazine successful but changing them to match the genre/audience can be really effective.