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2. Table of Contents
Latin American Music
Latin American Artists
Award History
AwardVoting Process
Grammys 2011
Grammys 2010
Hall of Fame
3. Table of Contents
Status Improvement
Latin Music types cut from Grammys
The Future
4. Introduction
The Latin American music community is growing.
Since 2000 it has its own Grammy Award Ceremony.
It brings in over 18 genres and pulls the Latin and American community together.
5. Introduction
There are a variety of different geners in Latin music
I have included some popular artists that were included in the Latin Grammys for 2010 and past years.
Please enjoy some of the music samples.
6. Latin American Music
More than just a mariachi band.
Different styles, tastes, genres
Recorded in both English and Spanish
Uniting the English and Spanish community
7. Latin American Music
Artist come from all walks of life.
They do not need to be Latin born to sign Latin music.
Most are American born.
Nelly Furtado is Canadian born.
Most artists are known worldwide.
This is an increasingly large group of music.
8. Artist Nelly Furtado
Mi plan
Nelly Furtado {Universal Music Latino}
Nelly Kim Furtadoborn December 2, 1978 is a Portuguese-Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer and actress.
She has sold 20million albums worldwide and 18million singles.
9. Artist ChocQuibTown
Choc QuibTownis a Colombian hip-hop group.
The group was formed in Quibdo, Colombia.
10. Artist Alex Cuba
Cuba-native Alex Cuba is nominated for Best Latin Pop Album for his 2010 self-titled release at the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards. He was named Best New Artist at the 11th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards last November. (
11. Artist Luis Gerado Garza Chetes
Song: Arena
Luis Gerardo Garza "Chetes", songwriter
(Chetes). Track from: Hipnosis [Mun Records]
*Nominee for best rock song for 2010.
Chetesstarted his artistic career with legendary band Zurdok in 1993, quickly rising to the top of the rock regio (Monterrey rock scene) and soon becoming an icon in Mexico and other parts of Latin America. (
12. Latin Grammy Award History
The Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences was formed by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences in 1997.
It was founded by Michael Greene and Mauricio Abaroa.
In 2000, it was announced that the 1st Annual Latin Grammy Awards would take place at the Staples Center on September 13, 2000. (
13. Latin Grammy History
It was the first primarily Spanish-language prime-time program carried on network television (
To be eligible a recording must have been recorded in Spanish or Portuguese. (
It was aired on CBS.
14. Grammy Award Voting Process
Steps of the voting process:
2. Screening
3. Nomination
4.Special Nomination Committees
5.Final Voting
6. Results
15. Latin Grammy 2011
We have received approximately 6,000 entries (about the same record number we had in 2010). (
16. Latin Grammy Awards 2011
The 12th Annual Latin Grammy Awards will be held in November 10, 2011 at Mandalay Bayin Las Vegas, Nevada.
The eligibility period for recordings to be nominated is July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011.
The show will be aired on Univision .
17. Latin Grammy Awards 2010
There are 18 Genres
Over 6000 submissions
5 nominees for best new artist.
18. Latin Grammy Hall of Fame
Latin GRAMMY Hall Of Fame Through 2001
The Latin GRAMMY Hall Of Fame was established in 2001 to honor early recordings of lasting qualitative or historical significance that were released more than 25 years ago. Winners will be selected annually by a special member committee of eminent and knowledgeable professionals from all branches of the recording arts. (
19. Status Improvement of Latin American though music
The Latin Community has grown.
The English speaking community enjoys the music also, raising the status of the Spanish speaking community though their music.
20. Status Improvement of Latin American though music
Latin Music is available in a variety of places.
It is very common and can even be purchased on AMAZON.COM
It is no longer only in
specialty shops.
21. Scholarships
There are scholarships available to artists promoting popular
Mexican songwriting.
22. Latin cut from Grammys
Although Latin Grammys are their own entity. Some elements of the Latin Music have been cut from the Grammy Awards, for America.
Protesters want all music
Latin Jazz was the hottest
Topic cut from the Grammys.
23. Latin cut from Grammys
The number of Latin awards was cut to four from seven. Artists in this genre have their own separate awards show, the Latin Grammys, which is aimed at international markets while the Grammy categories are US-centric. (
As the music industry grows so will Latin Music.
It brings a new flare to music combining both American and Latin music.
Even though there are cuts from the American Grammys, the Latin Grammys are still growing as an independent entity.
There is a cross over for both Latin Grammys and American Grammys.
Many artists compete in both.
With the crossover, many artists are now getting recognized world wide.
26. Bibilography