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Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its March 2012 art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready to view online. The basis and theme for this months art exhibition was Landscapes and artists where asked to interpret and depict the natural world, outdoor scenery, geographical environments and any related landscape subjects. An art competition was held in February 2012 which determined and judged the art for this exhibition. The gallery received submissions from 14 different countries from around the world and they also received entries from 33 different states. Overall, there were 808 entries from 209 different artists that were judged for this art competition. Due to the volume of entries, the gallery decided to create 2 media categories and make awards for each, along with an Overall Category which was selected from the 2 media categories.


  • 1. Landscapes Art Exhibition March 2012Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery118 Poinciana Drive, Jupiter, FL888-490-3530 -

2. March Art Exhibition Event CatalogueLight Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducted an art competition during the period of time from the middle ofJanuary 2012 through to February 27, 2012. The theme of the art competition was Landscapes. The galleryasked 2D artists to interpret and depict the natural world, outdoor scenery, geographical environments and anyrelated landscape subjects. There were no geographic restrictions for the artists for this art competition.An art competition was held in February 2012 which determined and judged the art for this exhibition. The gallery receivedsubmissions from 14 different countries from around the world and they also received entries from 33 different states.Overall, there were 808 entries from 209 different artists that were judged for this art competition. Due to the volume ofentries, the gallery decided to create 2 media categories and make awards for each, along with an Overall Category whichwas selected from the 2 media categories.Congratulations to the artists who have been designated as this months winners, along with the 120 SpecialRecognition Artists. Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery commends all of the artists for their courage tocompete, for their artistic skills and finally for their creativity.In addition, the catalogue for this art exhibition can be seen online at http://www.lightspacetime.comPlease Note: All of the images contained in this event catalogue are the property of the artist, the artist retains the copyright to these images and the images may not be reproduced without the written consent and permission of the artist. In addition,some images may have been cropped or resized due to formatting requirements of this catalogue. To see the actual and correct image ratios visit the Exhibition Archives on the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website. 3. Landscapes Art ExhibitionOverall Category1st Place Overall Category Jasna Bell - Morning Light 4. Landscapes Art Exhibition2nd Place Overall Category David Henderson Fosterfields 5. Landscapes Art Exhibition3rd Place Overall Category Cliff LaPlant Trees 6. Landscapes Art Exhibition4th Place Overall Category Emily Hannon Pink Irises 7. Landscapes Art Exhibition5th Place Overall Category Tomas Green Split Rail 8. Landscapes Art Exhibition6th Place Overall Category Vincenzo Corrado Tuscan Sunrise 9. Landscapes Art Exhibition7th Place Overall Category Stephanie Visser Water and Light 2 10. Landscapes Art Exhibition8th Place Overall Category Jon Holiday Hill Country Heaven 11. Landscapes Art Exhibition9th Place Overall Category Abe Blair Forrest 12. Landscapes Art Exhibition10th Place Overall Category Jake Morrison Breathing Light 13. Landscapes Art ExhibitionPainting Category 1st Place Jasna Bell Morning Light 14. Landscapes Art Exhibition2nd Place David Henderson Fosterfields 15. Landscapes Art Exhibition3rd Place Emily Hannon Pink Irises 16. Landscapes Art Exhibition4th Place Vincenzo Corrado Tuscan Sunrise 17. Landscapes Art Exhibition5th Place Stephanie Visser Water and Light 2 18. Landscapes Art ExhibitionHon. Mention Georgette Grey Bosque Stream 19. Landscapes Art ExhibitionHon. Mention Georgette Grey Bosque Stream 20. Landscapes Art ExhibitionHon. Mention Basha Maryanska My Favorite Place 21. Landscapes Art ExhibitionHon. Mention Neena Singh Celestial Notations III 22. Landscapes Art ExhibitionHon. Mention Joshua Smith Red Abstract 23. Landscapes Art Exhibition Painting Category - Special RecognitionSR - Lillian Abel - "Beneath Still Waters" SR - Tobi Abrams - "Arizona Superstition Mountain" SR - Teymur Aalolu - "Untitled" SR - Anne Armijo - "Raindrops and Rivulets" 24. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Jason Astorquia - "Autumn Lake I"SR - Hannah Baker - "Distant View"SR - Joy Bauer - "Swedish Marsh SR - A. Aydin Baykara - "Boat Under the Snow" 25. Landscapes Art Exhibition SR - Katalin Beavers - "Winterscape" SR - Katherine Beck - "Field of Yarrow"SR - Mike Bell - "Kielderwater Rhythms Reflections"SR - Doretta Bendalin - "Bosque" 26. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Anne Bevan - "Untitled"SR - Margaret Biggs - "A Summer Dream"SR - Tamer Bilgic - "Birds 4" SR - Carole Blevins - "Mist on White Top" 27. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Harriet Blodgett - "Yolo Bypass Autumn" SR - Sabine Blodorn - "Sleeping Mountain" SR - Lee Bonsper - "Magenta Lake" SR - Jake Bush - "Tranquil Afternoon" 28. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Ione Citrin - "First Frost" SR - Kimberly Clark - "Just Before They Fell"SR - Frank Cole - "Septic" SR - Michele Congdon - "Alvaros Creek" 29. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Mary-Sonya Conti - "Whisper"SR - Vincenzo Corrado - "Autumn in the Park"SR - Gill Cox - "Emerging Spring in England"SR - Bev Delyea - "Salmon Sunset" 30. Landscapes Art Exhibition SR - Clyde Downs - "Western Road" SR - Margarita Dragiev - "Reverie"SR - Diane Fairfield - "Storm Cloud Over Texas Canyon" SR - Joan Finnegan - "Valley Morning Haze" 31. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Paula Ford - "Pine in the Spotlight" SR - Rick Gallant - "Half Dome"SR - Susan Guihan Guasp - "Sepia Sky" SR - Caroline Hall - "Long Walk Summer" 32. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Annelie Sjdin Hallgren - "North Bay" SR - Emily Hannon - "Everywhere You Should Be Youre Not"SR - Sandra Hildreth - "Wanika Falls" SR - Amanda Hood - "The Last of the US" 33. Landscapes Art Exhibition SR - Judith Huth - "Zion Canyon" SR - Jonathan Keeton - "Sugar Maples 1"SR - Yana Klimava - "Grass and Mountains"SR - Wallace Kong - "Keawe" 34. Landscapes Art Exhibition SR - Moira Ladd - "Mary Tavy Dartmoor"SR - Subodh Maheshwari - "Exuberance IV"SR - Jo Mann - "Beyond Empty Space Blue" SR - Pete Martin - "Face of the Nation" 35. Landscapes Art Exhibition SR - Milt Masur - "Surreal Garden" SR - Mary McCormick - "Bison"SR - Suvira McDonald - "Arctic Meander 2" SR - Lisa Mereddy - "Untitled" 36. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Gaylord Mink - "Red Barn Along the River" SR - Sylvio Miron - "Blues and Earth" SR - Jeff Mott - "Coastline"SR - James Mullen - "New Meadows" 37. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Marilyn Muller - "Mountain"SR - Lily Nava - "Timeless"SR Vahid Nowroozi - "Imaginary" SR - Michelle Oppenheimer - "Untitled" 38. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Joel Patience - "From the Prince of Whales Hotel"SR - John Paul - "Innerscape"SR - Martin Peerson - "Untitled" SR - Catherine Pohlman - "The Goodnight Scrub" 39. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Jaclyn Reidy - "Natures Beauty"SR - Hannah Rodriguez - "Untitled"SR - Harvey Rogosin - "The Tree of Light" SR - Nancy Romanovsky - "Aspen View" 40. Landscapes Art Exhibition SR - Amy Ronhovde - "Sedona On My Mind"SR - Sarah Rosedahl - "Palms"SR - Jerry Ross - "Oregon Landscape Owenss Trail" SR - Halide Salam - "Shaping the Light No. 6" 41. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Mitchell Saler - "View of Lake Placid" SR - Orie Shafer - "Landscape Line Study"SR - Almine The Countess of Shannon - "Oregon Seascape"SR - Diane Shaw - "Crimson Dawn" 42. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Helen Shulman - "At the Edge of the Known" SR - Toni Silber-Delerive - "Mountain Lake"SR - Carolina Solorzano - "Untitled"SR - Dia Spriggs - "Hood Canal" 43. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Karen Standke - "All Things Must Pass"SR - Janette Stiles - "Majestic Rainier" SR - Sallie-Anne Swift - "No Relief" SR - Jeanne Tanks - "Promise of a New Day" 44. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Stephanie Tartick - "Fast Mist" SR - Karen Terry - "Untitled"SR - Polly Tetrault - "Rt. 62"SR - Cherinda Wendt - "Spirit Walk 2" 45. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Marti White - "Heaven Meets Earth" SR - Wenchen Yao - "Best Time of the Day" 46. Landscapes Art ExhibitionPhotography Category 1st Place Cliff LaPlant Trees 47. Landscapes Art Exhibition2nd Place Tomas Green Split Rail 48. Landscapes Art Exhibition3rd Place Jon Holiday Hill Country Heaven 49. Landscapes Art Exhibition4th Place Abe Blair Forrest 50. Landscapes Art Exhibition5th Place Jake Morrison Breathing Light 51. Landscapes Art ExhibitionHon. Mention Mary Angelini Swift Current 52. Landscapes Art ExhibitionHon. Mention Cortez Austin Tidal Basin 53. Landscapes Art ExhibitionHon. Mention Category Pamela Goodyer Infinity 54. Landscapes Art ExhibitionHon. Mention Jeff Grant Landmannalaugar 55. Landscapes Art ExhibitionHon. Mention Dennis Sabo Morning Has Broken 56. Landscapes Art Exhibition SR - Laurent Aapro - "Snow 2508"SR - Brandon Aleson - "The Infinite Incinerations of the Circular Ruins"SR - Marylou Badeaux - "Salisbury Plain" SR - Wendy Barrett - "Mountain Beauty" 57. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Cara Blatt - "Home"SR - Michael Boonstra - "The Drawing We Are All Creating 1"SR - Zel Brook - "Layerscape" SR - John Brooks - "Atlas Mountains" 58. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Crit Davis - "Snohomish River Farm"SR - Chiedu Diala - "Winds of Change"SR - Thomas Ferrella - "Through the Blessing of Weather Shifting and Now" SR - Susan Gans - " Long View of the Land" 59. Landscapes Art Exhibition>>SR - Stacia Gates - "Reflection" SR - Adam Grensten - "Blue and Gold"SR - Kshama Gupta - "The Insight SR - Lynne Hann - "Wheatland" 60. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Seymour Holtzman - "Grand Canyon" SR - Elizabeth Johnson - "Snow and Ash" SR - Marissa Kaplan - "Trees"SR - Hans Kruse - "New Morning" 61. Landscapes Art Exhibition SR - Hope McClure - "Longwalk"SR - Christine Mestrovich - "Desert 2"SR - Michele Munyak - "Fall Creek Falls Tennessee"SR - Howard Noel - "Desert Snow" 62. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Jessie Parker - "Chilly Day" SR - Teresa Pratt - "Snow Fog"SR - Larry Rankin - "Wind Blown"SR - Christine Reed - "Motorcycle View" 63. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Marilyn Samwick - "Majestic Tetons" SR - Michael Schertz - "Roadside Cascade"SR - Storm Sermay - "Shadow Dune" SR - Frances Seward - "Winter" 64. Landscapes Art ExhibitionSR - Rena Shear - "Scenic Colorado" SR - Carmen Spitznagel - "Avalon"SR - Mickey Strider - "Davis Road Revisited" SR - Taber Szuluk - "Pioneer Mountains" 65. Landscapes Art Exhibition SR - Luca Tommasi - "Trees"SR - David Vanderlaan - "Gold"SR - Debra Vanderlaan - "Parachuting" SR - Lorelee Wederstrom - "Corn Rows" 66. Landscapes Art Exhibition Artists Contact InformationLaurent Aapro Moira Laddwww.laurentaapro.comhttp://moiraladd.blogspot.comLillian AbelCliff www.sierralara.comTobi Abrams Subodh www.subodhfineartstudio.comTeymur AaloluJo www.gakabo.comBrandon AlesonPete Angelini Basha www.bashamaryanska.comAnne Armijo Milt Astorquia Hope McClure www.hopemcclure.comCortez Austin Mary Badeaux McCormicks-Artwork/ Suvira McDonaldHannah Bakerwww.suviramcdonald.comwww.hannahivorybaker.comLisa MereddyWendy Barrett Christine MestrovichJoy Bauer Gaylord MinkA.Aydin Baykara www.minkphotos.comwww.turkishpaintings.comSylvio MironKatalin Beavers MorrisonKatherine Beckwww.WithFlare.orgwww.Dreamjobstudio.comJeff MottMike Bell James MullenJasna Marilyn MullerDoretta 67. Anne Bevan Michele munyak@att.netMargaret Biggs Lily Navawww.margaretbiggs.comwww.lilynavagallery.comTamer Bilgic Howard Noelwww.tamerbilgic.comwww.hnoel.comAbe BlairVahid nowroozi.vahid@gmail.comCara Blatt Michelle Oppenheimerwww.CaraBlatt.comwww.michelleoppenheimer.comCarole Blevins Jessie Parkerwww.CaroleBlevins.comwww.photobasedart.comHarriet Blodgett Joel Patiencewww.harrietblodgett.orgwww.joelpatience-watercolors.comSabine Blodorn John Paulwww.yessy/sabineblodornwww.johnlyonpaul.comLee BonsperMartin Peersonwww.leebonsperart.comwww.martinpeerson.comMichael Boonstra Catherine Brekas Teresa Prattwww.pambrekas.comwww.wildthingstodo.comZel BrookLarry www.larryrankinphotography.comJohn BrooksChristine BushJaclyn Reidywww.jakebushart.comwww.jreidy.portfoliobox.netIone CitrinHannah Rodriguezwww.artbyione.comwww.hannahrodriguez.comKimberly Clark Harvey Rogosin www.harvey-rogosin.artistwebsites.comFrank Cole Nancy Romanovskywww.FrankColeDesign.comhttp://nancyrom.fineartstudioonline.comMichele CongdonAmy www.amycreates.meMary-Sonya Conti Sarah www.srosedahl.comVincenzo Corrado Jerry Ross http://jerryrosspittore.comGill Cox Dennis 68. Crit DavisHalide www.Halidesalam.comBev DelyeaMitchell DialaMarilyn Samwickwww.dialachinedu.comHomes4ufl@aol.comClyde Downs Michael www.dynamic-earth-photos.comMargarita Dragiev Storm Sermaywww.margarita-art www.stormsermayphotography.comDiane Fairfield Frances www.francesseward.comThomas Ferrella Orie Shaferwww.ferrella.comwww.orieshafer.comJoan Finnegan Diane Shawwww.jonifinnegan.comwww.artchyldstudio.comPaula FordRena www.RenaShear.comRick GallantHelen Shulmanhttp://gallantgallery.cahttp://helenshulman.comSusan GansToni www.tonisart.comStacia GatesNeena www.neenasinghart.comPamela GoodyerJoshua GrantCarolina Green Carmen Spitznagelwww.tomastheartist.comwww.momento-eterno.deAdam Grensten Dia Spriggsa.grensten@gmail.comhttp://artbydia.netGeorgette GreyKaren www.karenstandke.comSusan Guihan GuaspJanette www.stilescollection.comKshama GuptaMickey Striderkzones22@gmail.comhttp://www.mickeystrider.comCaroline Hall Sallie-Anne Swiftwww.carolinehall.nethttp://sallieswiftart.comAnnelie Sjdin Hallgren Taber 69. Lynne Hann Jeanne Tankswww.hannphoto.comwww.GlassAglowStudio.comEmily Hannon Stephanie HendersonKaren www.artistkarenterry.comSandra HildrethPolly Tetraulthttp://sandrahildreth.compollytetrault@tampabay.rr.comJon HolidayAlmine The Countess of Shannonwww.photosbyjon.comwww.paintingsoflight.comSeymour Holtzman Luca www.nonluogo.orgAmanda HoodDavid Vanderlaanwww.amandamariehood.comwww.CelebrateLifeGallery.comJudith HuthDebra www.CelebrateLifeGallery.comElizabeth JohnsonStephanie Visser www.stephanievisser.comMarissa Kaplan Lorelee Wederstromwww.marissajoyphotography.com KeetonCherinda http://artbycherinda.etsy.comYana Klimava Marti Whitewww.yanaklimava.comwww.artbymartiwhite.comWallace Kong Wenchen Yaowkong_cpi@hotmail.comwww.chinacanadausa.comHans