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Lamb of God Power Point Project

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Lamb of God Power Point Project

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Who Is Lamb Of God?

Lamb of God is one

of the best death

metal bands in the

world From

Richmond, Virginia.

Making their first

songs from their

former name Burn

The Priest, Lamb of

God Have 6 Studio

Albums With 1 Live

Album, Killadelphia,

playing at


Pennsylvania in


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Lamb Of God has 5 studio albums, starting with New American Gospel(2000), then came As The Palaces Burn(2003), then came Ashes Of The Wake(2004), then they made Sacrament(2006), and finally came along Wrath(2009). They also have one more studio album called Burn The Priest when Lamb Of God was originally called Burn The Priest. Lamb of God also made a live album when they played the killadelphia show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2005.

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There are 5 members in Lamb of God. There is Randy Blythe(Vocals), Mark Morton(Lead Guitarist), Willie Adler(Lead Guitarist), John Cambell(Bassist), and Chris Adler(Drummer).

Abe Spear(Lead Guitarist) was a former band member when the band was called Burn the Priest.

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David Randall "Randy" Blythe (born on February 21, 1971) is the vocalist of American Death Metal band Lamb of God and side-project band Halo of Locusts. He is known as D. Randall Blythe on Lamb of God's albums.

Randy Blythe(Vocals)

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Mark Morton, Chris Adler and John Campbell met in 1990 at Virginia Commonwealth University, where they were floor mates. Years later, they formed a band under the name "Burn the Priest". Morton soon left to pursue a master's degree, and the

band added guitarist, Abe Spear and vocalist, Randy Blythe. After a couple

years apart, Morton rejoined the group and Burn the Priest released a self titled full length album. The band ultimately changed their name to "Lamb of God" and went on to become one of modern metal's biggest acts.

Mark Morton(Lead Guitarist)

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William M. Adler (born January 26, 1976) is the rhythm guitarist in the heavy metal band Lamb of God. He is the younger brother of bandmate Chris Adler. Willie joined Lamb of God after the first guitarist, Abe Spear, left the band. Self-taught, Willie is well-known for his unconventional style of playing, which includes odd/dissonant chord shapes, unique timing patterns, odd rhythms, high usage of his fretting hand's pinky finger, wide stretches between frets due to an increased reach, and being an obsessive perfectionist with his right hand rhythm playing. He plays mostly the jagged staccato riffs in Lamb of God's songs, while Mark Morton plays more of the groove-oriented rhythms and solos. Willie does solo occasionally, and says whereas Morton is more knowledgeable of scales and modes, that he "attacks solos like a division problem". Willie is described by bassist John Campbell as a "good time guitar player." Willie and brother Chris Adler have been described as the metal purists in the band.

Willie Adler(Lead Guitarist)

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John Steven Campbell (born September 30, 1972) is the bassist and a founding member of the metal band Lamb of God.

Unlike many bass players who will use four and five string basses, Campbell at one time played a self modified three-stringed Guild Pilot bass, excluding the higher G-string.

John Cambell(Bassist)

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Christopher James Adler (born November 23, 1972) is an American drummer, best known as a member of the metal band Lamb of God. He is the older brother to bandmate and guitarist Willie Adler. Adler attended Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria, Virginia; Adler attending college at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia where he met current bandmates John Campbell and Mark Morton. Before devoting his career to Lamb Of God, Adler was planning a career as a Network Engineer. He is Microsoft certified. Adler admits that even today he still gets nervous before big shows, "I have to watch the video when we are done because I kinda black out and just run on adrenaline and muscle memory." His favorite

song to play live is Hourglass.

Chris Adler(Drummer)

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So that’s what I think about this band. This band is the greatest band ever, with their solos and their songs. Long Live Lamb of God!!!