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Media Language Analysis Arctic Monkeys – Why’d you only call me when you’re high

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  • 1. Narrative structure There is a single strand structure as we follow only Alexs character on his linear journey. Amplification is used throughout this video, the chorus of the song compliments Alexs actions. He is seen using his phone regularly while he is under the influence, left you multiple missed calls and to my message you reply, whyd you only call me when youre high. This music video has a closed structure as there is a clear conclusion to the storyline. Alex Turners character is seen standing outside the opposite house to his girlfriends, pleading to go inside. We then see his girlfriend finding the texts and missed calls from Alex and she is seen turning off her phone and walking away, this suggests an unhappy ending for Alex. But overall the audience have reached a resolve.

2. Editing The majority of editing transitions used are fast cuts which makes the audience feel disorientated in keeping with the main characters current emotions and theme of the music video. The most obvious use of editing is the use of the texts overlaying the master shot of Alex. Allowing the audience to see what is being said. Other editing techniques used to create a disorientating effect include the melting clock which shows us the effects of Alexs drinking which dissolves into the next scene, also the blurred effect when looking in the mirror. 3. Sound The sound used in this music video is unusual, at the beginning diegetic sound can be heard such pool being played and people talking and laughing, the song Whyd you always call me when youre high plays in the background which makes the audience feel as if we are in the bar, experiencing the same things as Alexs character. The music then changes to non-diegetic sound as the soundtrack is played in the background, later on in the sequence the music changes to diegetic which implies that the song is being played in the pub. While Alex walks down the street he is met by other characters that speak to him. This is diegetic sound and it adds to the disorientation which is a consistent theme throughout the video. 4. Camera Shots The first shot in the music video is an establishing/long shot of a pub, a man playing pool is shown in shallow focus allowing the three background characters to be seen more clearly. The camera then cuts to a close up of one of the characters (Alex Turner) who is drunkenly swaying. As the camera pans downwards towards his phone it becomes apparent that he is attempting to text a girl named Stephanie as the he types the words are superimposed onto the screen allowing the audience to see what he is writing, the camera pans upwards showing Alex Turners expression. We then cut to a medium shot of him texting and he begins to scan the room. Cut to a long shot of A clock on a red wall, the numbers and hands of the clock begin to fall, this creates a disorientating atmosphere which also implies that he is under the influence of illegal substances. As the camera cuts back to Alex, he looks un-phased by the puzzling collapse of the clock and walks over to the two characters shown in the previous shot, the camera tracks him waveringly as he walks. A long shot of Alex Turner is shown as he walks towards another room, the other characters in the shot are shown in shallow focus which implies how Alex sees them in his drunken state. We are then shown a reflection of Alex in a mirror, as he stands in front of it, his reflection begins to distort, as he stands in front of the mirror a montage of ghostly figures appear which he ignores and then turns to walk towards the camera. 5. Cut to Alex walking out of the bathroom, the camera tracks his movement as he walks through the room. A jump cut is used to illustrate his lack of control and vulnerability. When he reaches the other characters he gestures towards a drink and is shown in a montage of shots drinking numerous beverages. Each time Alex drinks the camera moves closer to him. Jump cuts are used when Alex turns away from the bar and he is seen briefly coughing a blue flame which compliments the disorientating theme of this music video. Close up as he turns and the camera pans slowly around his head in a series of jump cuts. A medium close up of the distorted clock from the previous scene is shown, it continues to melt down the wall. The camera then cuts to a woman who is standing with a man, both characters are blurred, reverse shot to Alexs character as he shakes his head implies that he knows the female character. Fast cut to a medium long shot of Alex walking out of the pub onto a street, as he drunkenly staggers down the street the camera tracks him. We see pedestrians block Alexs path from a point of view shot, and an eye line match of a homeless man who gestures at him. 6. Mise en scene Lighting The lighting throughout the music video is low key, however it seems that the darkness progresses as Alexs characters state gets worse . which is in keeping with the night time vibes of the song. Red filters are used at times over Alex Turner symbolizing his importance and also his emotions as he is currently angry at the girl that isnt replying to his texts. Street lights and illuminated shot signs are also used to make the scene convincing and adds to the realism in the music video. 7. Costume Alexs character is dressed in all black similarly are the majority of the people in the pub this is used to convey a dangerous atmosphere making the audience worry about Alexs saunter home because of the threatening people that are in his path. The female role Stephanie also wears black, but is shown with a red top under her other clothes symbolizing that she is an important character. The colour red also connotes love and passion which could suggest that Stephanie and Alex have some kind of relationship. 8. Acting At the beginning of the video Alex stands with his friends, as they talk the audience can assume that he has been drinking heavily prior to this, causing him to walk clumsily, which he continues to to throughout the video. The other characters that feature in the video stand unaware of Alexs unusual sightings such as the melting clock, and remain talking in the background. As all of the characters in the video use a realistic approach to acting, it creates more believable surroundings, this compliments the song well as it is about a realistic scenario hence why realism is used. 9. Location The locations used throughout the music video include a Bar and a busy city street these settings have been selected because it adds to the realism of the music video. The bar resembles most, it includes a pool table and darts board, this allows the audience to identify with the scene. The city street is used for the same reasons, it offers a familiar setting that audiences can relate to.