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  • 1. About Me By Kimberly Cappadona
  • 2. Music has my heart
    • I love to sing, it one of my best talents.
    • I have a guitar and I want to learn how to play it. )
    • I like all kinds of music(Punk, R&B, and Country are some of my favorites).
    • I listen to music all the time and someday I want to enter the Music field somewhere.
  • 3. Fashion is also something I adore
    • I love clothes and shoes.
    • I think Fashion is a way to express yourself.
    • Fashion expresses individuality.
  • 4. My Favorite Tv Shows are
    • My two favorite tv shows are The Hills and Laguna beach.
    • I like to watch Reality tv.
    • I Bought the Series for both of these.
    • These shows have so much drama, I like watching drama instead of having it. )
  • 5. I Love to take Pictures
    • I carry my camera almost everywhere I go.
    • I frame lots of photos.
    • I bought a memory card once and I filled that card up too, so you can say I take way too many pictures.
    • This is a picture I took on a trip I went on.
  • 6. Christmas is my favorite Holiday
    • I like decorating our Christmas tree.
    • I love all the scented candles that come out around this time.
    • The feeling in the air makes me happy.
    • Presents are also a plus!!
  • 7. Weather I Love
    • Winter would be my favorite season because I like cold weather.
    • Rain is the best thing because here in phoenix we barely get any.
    • When its cold or rainy Im usually pretty happy.
  • 8. My favorite Animal
    • My favorite animal is a Bear.
    • I love how big they are and how cool they look.
  • 9. Food and Drink places I go to
    • I love food! Lol
    • Here are all my favorites**
  • 10. The End