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Page 1: Katherine film magazines

Film magazines.

Page 2: Katherine film magazines

Empire.• Empire is published by Bouer, which is a big publishing

company which publishes other magazines as they know the magazine industry.

• The cost of this magazine is £3.99 and you ca get it monthly.

• The audience for this is a mass audience, who like films, it’s not gender specific, mainly young adults 15 – 50.

• The typical content is mass market as it has the blockbuster appeal as its not genre specific as it looks at all manners of film and genre but mainly blockbuster films.

• Name is an important thing and EMPIRE is seen as being big, dominate force, powerful. The font of the masshead looks art deco style, san serif and makes it look as if it were a powerful font.

• The World’s Biggest Movie Magazine is the tag line it makes you want to buy the magazine as it makes it sound big again, its also the best selling film magazine.

• The layout of the front cover shows the key image, coverline and more images of other films, the front cover includes more than one film, which shows visuals because its a film magazine. You also are given the Strapline and a menu strip.

Page 3: Katherine film magazines

Total film.• The publisher of this magazine is Future. They also

publish SFX as well. They again are a large publishing house, having magazines such as metal hammer, woman’s magazines and sports etc.

• The cost is 3.99 and you can get this monthly.• Direct competition to empire with a similar target

audience however the audience is slightly a younger target audience mainly 15 – 35, maybe more male.

• Mass market with sometimes having genre specific issues like this fantasy special. They always include a six page in-depth interview with actor/director about the main film of the issue.

• The name of this tells you as the reader that it’s going to be all about film, with complete coverage on the film industry. The font is san serif it also has a embossment and the masshead dominates.

• Colours of the magazine shows fantasy colours as it links to the fact it’s a special and it keeps it contemporary by layering of images showing new films.

Page 4: Katherine film magazines

Sight an Sound.• The name of this gives you the senses of film, not just

visual like its an art form. Its international showing the different films.

• The publisher is BFI, The British Film Institute which is a charity governed by royal charter, similar to the BBC. Gets its funding publicly so there's no profit.

• Its monthly and is 4.50.• Niche markets, educated audience with a love of film

and international film. None gender specific but who are interested in academic in film.

• Reviews every film each month from blockbusters to international film. It also includes interviews, art of film makings, reviews, looking at film festivals, comments.

• The layout of the page is top third coverline, masshead. The front cover is driven by the theme or content, as the image is linked to a director, actor, theme (gothic). Key image is quite stylised.

Page 5: Katherine film magazines

Little White Lies.• This magazine is sold bi – monthly (6 a year) and the

price can vary, from around £6.00.• This magazine is related to cinema; as it’s the magazine

stocked in many of the big cinemas.• and is a British independent magazine and is only on

sale in UK.• All about illustrations and photos• The front cover is driven by the main film, as they always

have an illustration of the main actor of the film. • The magazine contains 6 chapters, including a lead

review of the film its focusing on paired with several different articles and other things relating to the main film. Then has articles on other films out that month.

• The name suggests truth in the movies, making so they are putting a positive spin on the saying, ‘little white lie’.

• The fonts used are like a type writer, with a main colour running through, to help create a retro comic book style.

• The audience for this would be people who are seen to be trendy, stylish and who are interested in film. Appeals to both genders. People who are involved are in artist crowd.

Page 6: Katherine film magazines

SFX.• This magazine is a sci-fi magazine, containing special

effects, it also contains future, sci-fi , fantasy and horror. • They have regular special editions, and they usually cost

£4.99.• This magazine is genre specific aiming it at males, as its

more of a niche audience. But it has an open/ broad age range teens +.

• The front of the masthead is san serif and quite futurist making it contemporary, keeping it in the style of the magazine.

• The front cover again contains lots of images, of the main feature but also of different film or programmes coming up, making the cover look full and detailed again.

Page 7: Katherine film magazines

Uncut. • Uncut is a monthly hybrid music, film and books

magazine but it is mostly music. • The title of the magazine suggests to the reader that its

the truth and the real thing. Uncensored as it’s telling you the full truth.

• It’s mainly aimed at 25 – 45 men, who are interested in music and films.

• IPC media are the publishers of this magazine. Upper case to make it stand out, red, white and black print lettering also helps to make it stand out makes it stand out.

• It contains films which will appeal to the target audience and reviews of these films.