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PowerPoint Show by Andrew Turn on Speakers

Philippe Halsman, with an unsurpassed 101 LIFE magazine covers to his credit, had the bold and unconventional idea back in the 1950s to ask the famous and prominent people he was commissioned to photograph for the likes of LIFE, LOOK and the Saturday Evening Post, once the formal sessions were over, to jump!

The results were amazing, as each subject interpreted this bizarre request in their own unique way, often defying their typical public image.

Marilyn Monroe and Philippe Halsman, 1954

Duke & Dutchess of Windsor, 1956

Grace Kelly, 1959

Richard Nixon, 1955

Dianna Dorrs, 1956

Marilyn Monroe, 1955

Eva Marie Saint, 1954

Jean Seberg with Cat, 1959

Salvador Dali, 1949

Sophia Loren, 1959

Audrey Hepburn, 1955

Brigitte Bardot, 1951

Benny Goodman, 1957

Danny Kaye, 1954

Donald O'Connor, 1952

Ed Sullivan, 1955

Harold Lloyd, 1950

Jackie Gleason, 1955

Jack Dempsey, 1954

Janet Leigh, 1951

Jane Mansfield, 1953

Maurice Chevalier, 1953

Groucho Marx - 1958

Kim Novak, 1957

Liberace - 1958

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis - 1956

Phil Silvers - 1959

Shirley Maclaine- 1959