Interesting things to do in London

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <div><p>Interesting things to do in London</p></div> <div><p>Gordon's wine bar</p><p>47 Villiers Street London, Greater,</p><p>London WC2N 6NE</p><p>Ph: 020 7930 1408</p><p>Web:</p><p>Gordon's wine bar</p><p>Gordon's wine bar is the oldest wine bar in London. Its a plentiful range of cheeses; pies, meats, and other home-made treats on offer also you can enjoy old wine with candle light atmosphere. I think this the best option to pass your time easily with partner or fiends.</p></div> <div><p>Royal National Theatre</p><p>The Royal National Theatre was opened individually between 1976 and 1977. The Royal National Theatre has an annual turnover of approximately 54 million. You can enjoy movie with high quality of services.</p><p>Royal National Theatre</p><p>South BankLondon SE1 9PXPh: 020 7452 3000</p><p>Web:</p></div> <div><p>Chocolate Ecstasy Tours</p><p>In the 2004, Jennifer Earle reached in London and discovered superb chocolate, so set about finding more. Learning that many of London's chocolate shops were hidden away she thought perhaps other people might like to be saved the heartache and shown to the shops by a fellow chocolate lover. Even better if they can taste the chocolate first and get a discount on the chocolate they buy.</p><p>Chocolate Ecstasy Tours</p><p>Third Floor, 207 Regent Street</p><p>London, W1B 3HH</p><p>Web:</p></div> <div><p>Over London</p><p>Over London may sound good and also its very easy to see it by London Helicopter Centre. It offers a best experience of travelling over London. You can view all London @ just 119.</p><p>London Helicopter Centres</p><p>The Servotec Building, Redhill Aerodrome, Kings Mill LaneRedhill, Surrey, RH1 5JY</p><p>Web:</p></div> <div><p>Champagne bar at St Pancras Station</p><p>If you want to impress then this is the place to do it and the bar also makes a great spot for people watching and chin wagging. Be super adventurous and hop on a Eurostar to either Brussels or France, which are both accessible from St Pancras Station.</p><p>Champagne bar at St Pancras Station</p><p>Grand Terrace St Pancras International Station, London, N1C 4QL</p><p>Web:</p></div> <div><p>E-mail:</p><p>Web:</p><p>Web:</p><p>2 Granbournw Road</p><p>Walsall, West Midlands</p><p>WS2 ONR</p><p>Open 24*7 to Answer Your Call</p><p>Europe: 00-800-11-20-11-40</p><p>US and Canada: 1-800-780-5733</p><p>Contact us</p><p>More things to do in London</p></div>