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This is a classroom listening and speaking activity for the Hunger Games. Find movie clip at


  • 1. The Hunger Games:Listening and Speaking Activity Discussion: Have you ever been in a survival situation? Do you know anyone who has? What would you do if you were in a game where you had to survive in the forest and be hunted by others? What things would you do to help yourself to survive? Listening Practice: Play the movie trailer clip and answer the questions below with a True or False. 1. T/F -The boy wants to run into the woods. 2. T/F -The girl thinks the boy is right and has a good idea. 3. T/F -The older sister thinks that the young girl will be chosen for the "Hunger Games." 4. T/F -The older sister volunteers to be a tribute. 5. T/F -There are 34 participants in the "Hunger Games." 6. T/F -Only one person can win "The Hunger Games." 7. T/F -The boy with the blonde hair thinks that there is no danger in the "Hunger Games." 8. T/F -The girl cant afford to think like the blonde boy. 9. T/F -"The Hunger Games" are like sports that we play today. 10. T/F -The blonde boy doesnt want to play in the "Hunger Games."Activate:Give a 3 minute summary presentation of 3 things/ideas/qualities that you would need tosurvive the Hunger Games and tell the class why you would need them.Example: KnifeReason To hunt animals.1st Object:Reason -2nd Object:Reason-3rd Object:Reason More tips for teachers and learners at
  • 2. Answer Key: TFFTFTFTFTMovie clip at: tips for teachers and learners at


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