How to make a Vegetable Garden

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How to make a Vegetable Garden on your school backyard


  • 2. Step 1: Space to do it choose where to make the garden and what to sow (kind of seeds, plants). Prefer a location with: enough solar lighting, the soil in good conditions. The choice of what to do is essential to begin planting our garden. There are many vegetables with seeds available for sale in small packages.
  • 3. We must pay attention to the space available in the garden; difficulty of cultivation / maintenance of plant and season in which cultivates. Step 2: Prepare the ground. On this step the garden's worker help or students' parents is essential for the efficient clearing of the land.
  • 4. Remove all the big stones!!!
  • 5. Step 3: After we prepare the ground, then begin to sow the seeds in small holes or furrows. Dont forget the labels with the vegetabels name!
  • 6. Step 4: The plantation seeds Here we put pumkins seeds no more than two in ich hol then we cover the holes with soil, the seeds must remain well hidden. (No more than 1cm of soil over the seeds.)
  • 7. With lettuce and cabbages process is different, now you don't sow. YouWith lettuce and cabbages process is different, now you don't sow. You are planting, when they are very tiny.are planting, when they are very tiny. Attention! When planting we have to be very careful with the root,Attention! When planting we have to be very careful with the root, which is verywhich is very fragile.. LETTUCES SPROUTS
  • 8. Water its essencial ! Step 5:
  • 9. Step 5: Clean the weeds The work never stops! You should clean the weeds and watering plants. Now, let's hope they grow, to have good products!
  • 10. If some plant born out of place you can pick it and remove to the correct place
  • 11. Step 6: Time of harvest. Taste and feel how its so good!
  • 12. Very well!
  • 13. To feed the plants in the ground, you can use all organic waste from your kitchen: banana peels, egg, fruit and vegetables, dried leaves, leftover coffee and tea, weeds which you removes of crops, etc. Another, good advice
  • 14. Once a month, you must turn i up, down (the garden's worker its a good help!)
  • 15. Earthworms can be placed inside the composter to have a good humus. After six months, it is ready to use in soil!
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