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Halloween 9 frame analysis

Halloween film opening

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  • 1. Halloween 9 frame analysis

2. As we can see below, the opening sequences background is dark, reflecting an eerie feeling to the whole frame.Obviously darkness reflects the genre horror in particular, darkness of which being a theme in the genre film. Alsoa pumpkin which is an iconic symbol is horror and links with the title of the film Halloween, a pumpkin issymbolic as a whole in the term Halloween. Also I have noticed the typography of the frame with the film editorsis in an orange colour, orange being a certain colour which symbolizes danger as a whole. 3. The frame shows a house been viewed on a point of view shot, the camera is moving towards the house in arealistic way which shows movement which adds to the effect. The darkness shrouds the house and is a majorcontrast with the white house, which shows something bad is going to occur. A shadow is seen on the top of thehouse, representing an eerie feel on the house in particular. The certain shot used in a point of view and a longshot on the house, representing someone is looking on the house and spying on it which creates a sense of fear. 4. In this frame, you can see a point of view shot which represents someone is peering through the window andspying on the couple kissing. I think how the window is a barrier from the person peering and the couple which issignificant because the audience possibly will feel safe from any danger. Also if you look closely you can see areflection of a masked character in the window, also putting emphasis on the fear in the shot and the personpeering in the shot. Also the frame is boarded by darkness, which is significant because it shows something is goingto happen imminently and in particular to the people in the frame who are surrounded by light which creates acontrast in the mood in the frame. 5. The shot shows a close-up and a point of view shot of the character picking up a knife which is an iconic weapon inslasher and horror movies in particular, which provides the killer the use of the weapon to kill the victim. At thethis we feel inevitably something is going to happen, the music changes and we feel a a certain tension beginningto start. The knife is shown pointing down, symbolizing that the certain mood is going downhill and the events ofthe frames are going to be horrendous. 6. In this frame, a point of view shot is also shown peering at a person walking down the stairs, the killer is below thelevel of the person; as it represents the killer being lower and evil and the person walking down the stairs being aninnocent victim. I think the contrast between the light and the darkness is significant because it representssomething is going to happen up the stairs, possibly the murder. It creates tension within the audience because wedont know if the person is going to see the killer, but he doesnt which creates relief. 7. In this frame, we can see for the first time that the character is masked and is trying to conceal his identity, we canclearly see the eyes of the killer peering into the room where the victim is sitting down, obviously unaware of thekillers present which creates tension within the audience because the killer is slowly walking towards the victim. Allaround the frame is is black, representing horror which shrouds this characters motive and personality. I think thekiller behind the victim is significant, because it represents the killer being superior to the victim in particular. 8. We see a close up shot of the victim which has fell victim to the masked killer, you can visibly see blood on thevictim which represents she has been murdered, which is an iconic colour which reflects the whole genre inparticular. the victim is below the level of the killer, which portrays the killer is far more superior; and is dangerousultimately. The point of view shot shows the killer is reflecting on what he has done 9. In this frame we see the killer is unmasked and we see an unsuspecting killer, a child instead of an adult which isunusual. The weapon is shown clear to the audience which is a knife which has blood stains on, which shows to ushe is definitely the killer. The darkness is shown around the killer, representing he has a horror which surroundshim. It also shows that he has an emotionless face, which suggests he has no remorse for the killing; which showshe was intent in killing the victim. The background of the shot shows a the house which is light, which is a starkcontrast to the darkness which is surrounds the killer, also the frame shows a man with his hands together,obviously suggesting that he is so shocked and praying on behalf of the child. 10. The frame shows to the audience a long shot zooming out showing that the consequences of his actions are goingto be on such a wider scale. The dark setting also represents horror on much more greater scale that we imagined,the two adults surround the killer still unaware of his actions because he is young and nave.