Greetings and introduce

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2. When I am at school, I see lots of people. I see adults and other children. 3. When I see others, I should say Hi or wave to them. Goodmorning!I can also say Good Morning or Good Afternoon! 4. Before I say Hi, I need to at the persons face, and make sure they are looking at me too. That way they will know I am talking to them. 5. When I say Hi to a new person, I can tell them what my name is. Then, I can ask them what their name is.Hi! My name is Hi Jaden! MyJaden. What isname is Olivia. your name? 6. When I meet a new person and introduce myself, I can also shake their hand. 7. It is polite to say Hi to others and it makes themhappy. I like it when people say Hi to me too! 8. It is fun to meet new people because then I havemore friends to play with! 9. Sometimes it is hard to remember to say Hi to people when I see them, but I will try my best!