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<ol><li> 1. Filmbees: One Stop Destination for Bollywood Movies, News &amp; Info Everyone loves Bollywood movies and crazy about to hear/read breaking news and the upcoming movies information and for that they can go through out the websites portals or by any other written material. That not all he/she also wants the single information about the actor, producers, singers, actresses, directors and their upcoming movies. Also they want to download the posters of the celebrities and the movie poster so that they can set them as their desktop background or mobile wallpaper. However it is not possible to get all the things at one place but Filmbees make it possible. Now you can read the news and download the wallpaper with no limitation. In filmbees you will find how everything is well categorize for you so that you can read all the news not from the Bollywood industry but from the Hollywood, south Movies, Bollywood movie information etc you read all the information about the upcoming movie like its star cast, </li><li> 2. their release dates and Celebrities biography also. Filmbees is the only one from where you can check the real star rating of the movie and check the movie earning also. You can also check the biography of the actors, Music directors, producers and other celebrities and also you can download their updated portfolio which they did for any photographer. As these wallpaper are having HDR quality so you can set them as your wallpaper and share it without with any medium. You also watch the released movie trailer or the upcoming movie trailer. Only on the Filmbees you will find the all movie trailer and the gossip video or news are always updated and the </li><li> 3. biography of the Stars (As the new milestone of their success added in their carrier) are also updated. To know more about that Visit </li></ol>