Fashion off the runway celebrating street style photography

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1. Fashion Off the Runway: Celebrating Street Style Photography 2. Source While the New York Times Bill Cunningham was shooting chic man-on-the-street images back in the 70s, street style photography really exploded in the late 00s, and soon bloggers like The Sartorialists Scott Schuman, Tommy Ton and Garance Dor became household names in the fashion world. Capturing stylish urban denizens, street style blogs 3. In Street Fashion Photography: Taking Stylish Pictures on the Concrete Runway (published this month by Chronicle Books), the writers behind the Street Fashion Style blog provide tips and tricks for anyone hoping to shoot fashionistas on the fly, including tips on choosing the right camera and approaching subjects. They also include suggestions on how to pose for those that hope to be captured by fashions new tastemakers, from a traditional head-on stance to more unique angles. The books copious


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