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Magazine and Poster Photograph Experiments

Experimental photographs

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Page 1: Experimental photographs

Magazine and Poster Photograph Experiments

Page 2: Experimental photographs

I like the composition of this image and I think that it would be appropriate to use for my film magazine front cover because the killer looks quite enigmatic, thus conforming to the name of the film. The mise en scene gives a chiaroscuro type effect however, if I use this

image I may enhance it through Photoshop to give a greater contrast and place emphasis on the mysteriousness of the killer. The mask adds extra effect on the killers identity being

hidden and the element of revenge that he feels he needs to show. The blood around the eye and scars left on his face depict the reality of his intentions

Page 3: Experimental photographs

This is a midshot of the killer with a chain in is hand emphasising the fact that his weapon is the chain. He has a sinister look and the mask although

static shows his underlying facial expressions. The lighting is good

however i feel that a greater contrast is needed to create a more ambiguous

and enigmatic character. Doing this will emphasise his personality and intention

for revenge.

The dark clothing is relevant to the horror genre because it consists of dark elements. However I do not think that i

will use this image because there is a weak sense of personality shown in the image and the lack of his face looking at

the camera will mean that it subverts film magazine conventions.

Page 4: Experimental photographs

This image is strong in the way the lighting creates a chiaroscuro effect and the quality of the mask and face is shown. I really like the way the close up engages you and is inviting you

to come and join him in his killing mission. The face/mask highlights that this is the horror genre and therefore is relevant to the genre and film.

I may use this image as it makes the audience want to know what his intentions are and allows them to be engaged with the poster/magazine cover.

Page 5: Experimental photographs

I think that this image is effect in the way that the location of the film can be seen. I think it is effective and a film poster because of the hidden identity of the killer. He has a mask but his facial expressions are not seen giving him an evil and sinister look. I think the lighting is effective as it hides the killers identity but also shines on him allowing us to see that he is a

key character in this film.

Page 6: Experimental photographs

This low angle is quite effective because we get to see the

characters dominance in the film. The mise en scene also shows how the chain plays a key role in the film

as a weapon. However I think the lighting needs to be improved to be less bright as this would make the

killer look like more of a dangerous character.

I also think the posture is not relevant for the plot of the film as it doesn't show much motive or pay

attention to the killers role.

Page 7: Experimental photographs

I think this high angle shot is good because shows the killer interacting with the audience however I think that the composition does not fully show or give us an understanding of the killers motives. Also I think that the facial expressions of the killer

make him look happy rather than evil therefore it does not truly depict his


I also think that the location does not reflect the killers intentions and it is

quite hard to understand him and the situation.

Page 8: Experimental photographs

I think this midshot is effective because the location justifies the killers intentions however the image is slightly blurry and the actual facial

expression of the killer is not really clear. I do however like the background because it gives a sense of mystery and create a sense of