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  • 1. EditingThere are a variety of different speeds of editing are used to represent the different feelings within the trailer. The slow motion that I edited into the trailer connotes mystery, it makes you want to know why it has happened, who it is, etc. I used slow motion editing for when the car has crashed to show the sadness that the crash and death will have caused. Also in the scene where the money is handed over, the slow motion here makes you wonder who it is and why the money has been given.Fast paced editing is used to show anger and worry, it is also used to represent the panic and heart beat. The mysterious theme is continued throughout the scene by keeping the identity of the killer hidden. I have edited the footage we took so that there face is not revealed by cutting the scene just as they are about to appear. The fast paced editing is also accompanied by the increased tempo of the music this give even more emotion to the trailer.Naturalist lighting is used throughout the trailer to give a gritty and realistic feelto the soap.

2. This medium close up shot is used to show a relationship between two people, many other soaps such as Hollyoaks do the same things to show some sort of bond between the two characters. The scene and settings are both intimate and are set in a romantic scenarios, e.g.. Picnic and countryside. Intimacy and a relationship bond are shown in both scenes, in my trailer it is highlighted to the audience that the two people are a couple by the closeness of heads, the leaning on one another and the hand on the shoulder. In the Hollyoaks scene intimacy is shown through both characters leaning in for a kiss. The camera was brought down to eye line so that the audience feel connected to the characters and feel that they are in the room. 3. In the Hollyoaks trailer andThe Grove trailer there aretwo similar scenes where aphone is used. In TheGrove trailer a textmessage has beenreceived and in theHollyoaks trailer the textmessage is being sent, aclose up of the phoneshows the audience whatis being sent/received. Asit is a close up of thedevice, the audiencecannot see the person whois sending/receiving themessage. This createsmystery as the audiencewill want to know who it isand what its about. 4. In the scene from mytrailer and the scenefrom coronation streetthe villains face is notrevealed to the viewers.This creates suspenseand mystery as theywant to know who it is,why they did it andwhats going to happennext. 5. Both my trailer and thesoap pictured below aretwo soaps that will beshown after thewatershed allowinggruesome images suchas blood and violence tobe shown. In first trailera slow camera pan isused to indicate theperson is hurt/dead. Inthe second scene, thewoman is beingattacked, quick editingis used to show panic. 6. In these two scenes apanning shot is usedto show the damage tothe car and then to theresults of the crash.The pan in bothscenes is performedslowly to increase thetension. It makes theaudience believe whatthey are about to seewill shock them.